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Kamdhenu TMT: Best Bar for Construction

Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd is the prime manufacturer of international class Steel Bars in India. The group is a manufacturer of Steel Bars in India. The corporation operates in three segments specifically Steels Power as well as Paints.

Owner of Kamdhenu steel:
Satish Kumar Agarwal , The Gold Medalist in BTech (Mech.) from Banaras Hindu University is the originator of Kamdhenu Limited Mr. Agarwal has wide-ranging industrial experience of forty five years and has played essential role in the accomplishment of the Kamdhenu Group.


TMT Steel Bar:
TMT (Abbreviates for Thermo Mechanically Treated) Bar, as well known as Reinforcing Bar or else Rebar in CIVIL ENGINEERING terms, is described as a high-strength reinforcement bar through a tough external core and soft central core.


Kamdhenu TMT bar Specifications:
TMT Bars are thermo-mechanically-treated all the way through leading world tempcore based expertise for high yield strength. The course of action involves quick quenching of the hot bars through a progression of water jets after they roll out of the final mill stand. The bars are cooled, letting the core and surface temperatures to make equal.


Difference between Kamdhenu TMT and NXT:
Kamdhenu Nxt has obtained the angular double rib design having obtained all the rights to assemble market plus sell the remarkably created double rib TMT bar. Due to homogeny and critically designed ribs, fatigue strength as well as ductility of Kamdhenu Nxt is much superior to normal steel bars.





Kamdhenu TMT Grades are Fe- 415, Fe - 500, Fe - 550*


6,8,10,12,16,20,25 MM (28 as well as 32 min. On bulk demand)

Typical Length

11, 12 mtrs.


Fe 415 grade steel:
Fe415 is in actuality a grade of High Strength Deformed Steel Bar for Concrete Reinforcement purpose. The number 415 denotes that the Yield Strength (tensile strength at what time it is subjected to elongation) of steel is 415 N/mm² the bars are premeditated and manufactured to encompass.


Symbol of FE 500 in steel:
In the Fe 500 and Fe 500D the term “Fe” indicates Iron,”500” stands for the lowest yield stress in N/mm2 along with the letter “D” indicates that such bars have top values of ductility (top UTS/YS in addition to % Elongation). The Tensile strength of steel remains the identical for both these products.


Diversity between steel 500 and 500D:
The base flexibility for Fe 500 is 545 mpa as well as for Fe 500d it is 565 mpa. Fe 500d includes upgraded indicated least rate elongation as well as that is equal to 18% while Fe 500 has a value of 12%. From the perspective of chemical composition, Fe 500d has 0.25% carbon of most tremendous while contrasted with 0.30% (max) in Fe 500.


Which is better TMT 500 or 500D?
FE 500D has upper percentage of elongation as measured to any other Grade of TMT Bar.


Why FE 500D is ideal TMT Bar price?


FE 500

FE 500D

0.2% Proof Stress (min N per mm square)



Ultimate Tensile Strength (min N per mm square)

640 MPa

660 MPa

Elongation (In %)



Carbon (Max)




Kamdhenu TMT BARS 

•    Better ductility as well as malleability.
•    Earthquake resistant.
•    Excellent welding ability without loss of strength at welded joints.
•    Severe thermal resistance.
•    Enhanced strength blended with high ductility.
•    Noteworthy savings in cost of steel.

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