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Kiscol TMT: High Strength TMT Steel Bar


KISCOL TMT: Consolidating Buildings Forever

KISCOL is a prestigious name in the field of steelmaking. It has created history in this segment through its quality products for four decades.

Kiscol Turbo Steel is on the principal edge of technology through one the up-to-date steel conversion plants in the country, accomplished with handling the highest standard of necessities of the ever-demanding clientele. It serves its customers closely to their necessities ensuring all demands are met; gaining the confidence of the most demanding client.

Kiscol concentrates on innovative new materials, applications as well as processing technologies, working thoroughly with its business partners to raise value all along the supply chain. It manufactures a wide range of products designed to allocate as much steel as far from the division neutral axis as possible and therefore provide all-out flexural resistance.

Kiscol TMT Steel Bar Price

Size Price Date
8mm Rs.58,550 MT to Rs.72,450 MT 2022

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TMT Bars:

KISCOL TMT FE500 bars are produced in German EVCON TURBO expertise process. These TMT bars are supplied in uniform length as well as breadth. It is very much satisfied by the people from all the sectors extensively accepted its bars as best selection.

It considers customer's acceptance as its biggest success for its growth.


For Earthquake Resistance, constructions need to be provided thru balanced Stiffness, Strength and Ductility between its members, connections and supports.

These TMT Bars provide very high strengths with moderately higher Elongation Values along with improved Ductility as compared to other bars. Enhanced Weld-ability of TMT Bars aids in making high-strength connections by other sections with little overlap.


These TMT bars, test outcomes have shown no loss of strength up to Five Hundred deg. C. In the temperature series 550 to 600 deg. C, the Yield strength declines by 20 N/ sq. mm. only.

Therefore TMT bars can be employed in places prone to fire threats. In CTD bars there is a great loss of strength at high temperatures.


These bars have superior Corrosion Resistance property to average CTD Bars. In TMT Bars, the fine coating of scale forms a defensive layer thereby preventing additional corrosion, whereas, in CTD Bars, this preliminary layer of scale falls down throughout the Twisting process.

Corrosion Resistance can be additionally improved as per the necessity of the Customer by varying the material chemistry. The corporation consists of a devoted technocrats assisted by people containing high calibre of knowledge as well as aptitude in this field.


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