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The KÖMMERLING brand is a principal manufacturer of PVC-U sheets for the maximum diverse applications. This line of superiority products marketed internationally forms a strong unit in the profile Group. The array is rounded off through customised profile systems for the semi-finished products segment.

Are Kommerling windows Price in India Any Virtuous?

Hard-wearing, low maintenance, in addition to configurable to multiple shapes, sizes, as well as styles, Kömmerling uPVC windows are very much what you build them. They are impeccably suited residential homes, prepared to be configured in any way which will help you best appeal to your favourite market.

Are Kommerling German?

FSV Mainz 05. The quality windows brand KÖMMERLING will decorate the jersey of the German leading football league team for the next 3 years.

Where are Kömmerling windows prepared?

Nearly a quarter of all frames prepared within Europe use Kömmerling. These frames are sturdy, low preservation, and configurable to manifold shapes, sizes, in addition to styles. All frames are verified for resistance under thrilling conditions. The unified multi-point locking system on these uPVC windows offer proven technology.

Is Kömmerling a first-class brand?

KÖMMERLING: It is the first-class brand with a worldwide reputation. In the zone of PVC sheets, Kömmerling is one of the universal leading brands. It enjoys an outstanding reputation for its high quality and cutting-edge technologies and it set itself the objective of producing window as well as door profiles for top demands.

What is a linear window?

Linear Figure: A linear profile window is a structure where the sash surface is flushed by the frame to match today's modern styling.

Are Liniar windows reinforced?

Internal structures are tailored within all Liniar uPVC windows in order to let united reinforcement. Not only does this significantly increase window profile strength, it also denotes that you won't need to invest in any expensive steel reinforcement.

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