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Lesso Products: Incredible Range and good customer Review

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LESSO Group, began in 1986, is world-wide foremost industrial group of home building material, registered in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Worldwide Presence. LESSO has an entire of 30,000 employees in 28 subsidiaries, together with 25 manufacturing facilities in China, India, Canada, USA, UAE and Indonesia.


UPVC Doors and Window

uPVC is often utilized as a substitute for wood in places like window frames, sliding in addition to weather boarding.

PVC Conduit PIPE

PVC Conduit Pipe and Fittings are manufactured from a particularly formulated (uPVC)to meet Indian and International standards.

Can you make use of PVC pipe as conduit?

Yes, technically, PVC pipe can be employed as a conduit. In detail, grey PVC pipe is manufactured exactly for this purpose. You could use PVC completed for water since it's fundamentally the same thing but with a diverse gauge (thickness).

Is PVC conduit the same dimensions as PVC pipe?

The wall of plumbing PVC pipe is naturally thicker than the wall of PVC conduit. Since plumbing PVC is utilized in applications that have pressure to contemplate, the added thickness guarantees that the pipe is strong adequate to resist bending and that it will continue to undamaged and intact


Electro Fusion Fittings

Another form of welding polyethylene is in fact the Electrofusion system where heating elements are entrenched in PE fitting sockets.

What are electrofusion fittings?

Electrofusion is a procedure of assembling MDPE, HDPE along with other plastic pipes using distinct fittings which have built-in electric heating elements which are employed to weld the combined together. Electrofusion welding is helpful since it does not require the operator to utilize dangerous or sophisticated apparatus.

What is electro fusion joint?

Electrofusion welding is a method of resistive implant welding used to link pipes. Resistive heating of the coils melts little amounts of the pipe and fitting, plus upon solidification, a joint is formed. It is most usually employed to join polyethylene (PE) in addition to polypropylene (PP) pipes.

Sanitary Items

LESSO delivers a wide range of premium planned sanitaryware products in India.

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uPVC Doors and Windows is used when

Fitting Doors and Windows

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