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LG Hausys: Innovative Solution for Interior Decorative Material

As fragment of the LG global corporation, LG Hausys value strengths are founded in design, technology, invention and quality. For over six decades, it has been developing as well as producing high performance flooring by means of the up-to-date advanced manufacturing methods, creating five ranges of human friendly as well as eco-conscious luxury vinyl tiles.

Whether you’re searching for a floor to style your home, specialized space or commercial environment, the group is convinced it has the perfect collection for your requirements, engineered with accuracy.


The LG group is world-famous for its production of electronics yet little information of its beginnings in plastic manufacturing, particularly that of home ware and more precisely vinyl flooring six decades ago in 1958. Currently, the brand is accountable for a wide range of interior materials together with windows, flooring, and wall covering in addition to surfaces.


Its red dot acts as a stamp of verification on each of its products and as such, you can be guaranteed of utmost care, strict quality control as well as eco-conscious commitments anticipated from the worldwide group. All LG Hausys flooring is manufactured in its own facilities, ensuring that its market-leading devotion to design creates the essence of world-class luxury vinyl flooring.


LG Hausys is one of the world’s major flooring manufacturers through the knowledge as well as the practice in diverse technologies and design necessities. Nonetheless, these bespoke gatherings have been hand-selected by a committed and personal UK team by local, market precise knowledge. This affiliation creates an offering which combines global promise with valuable local proficiency.


LVT is appropriate for installation in every room since it’s warm underfoot, has noise decreasing properties plus its waterproof qualities work predominantly well in areas subject to spills for example bathrooms as well as kitchens. Your local retailer will direct you through its ranges of click-together or old-style glue-down planks and tiles, endorsing the fit product for your exact installation.


The brand ethics and values branch from developing human inspired products thru an ethical eco-conscious manufacturing practice to give you a product that not merely looks great but that also provides a contented environment.

Eco conscious products are manufactured using energy efficient, progressive technologies, resulting in creative designs which enhance your excellence of life through comfortable as well as inspiring interiors.


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