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Mahaveer TMT Saria: Providing Pioneering Technology


Mahavir TMT bars offer superior working ability, welding ability, ductility and healthier elongation. These TMT bars are extensively used in the construction industry by reason of their remarkable flexibility in construction. Applying TMT bars in construction is economical and increases the speed of construction.


These TMT bars have advanced tensile strength and superior elongation value, which essentially means you need a lesser amount of steel for the same quantity of construction. Apart from decreasing the cost of raw material, this likewise saves cost on transportation as well as storage.

Types of Mahavir TMT bars:

Fe500 as well as Fe500D TMT bars are both the finest TMT steel bars for structure projects. The tensile strength of Fe500 and Fe500D remains the similar. On the other hand, Fe500D TMT bars have larger ductile strength compared to Fe500 TMT bars, creating it additional preferable where ductility is a main factor of consideration.

Mahavir Saria Rate List

Size Price Date
4 Sut Saria Rs.55,550 MT to Rs.62,550 MT 2021

How many kinds of TMT bar are there?

4 kinds

There are mainly 4 kinds of TMT bars which fall under dissimilar graded, specifically Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, and Fe 600.

Which size TMT bar is greatest for house construction?

Fe 415 TMT bars are worthy for houses, Fe 500 are perfect for commercial buildings, Fe 550 are for bridges as well as other slightly large-scale buildings, and Fe 600 are for large industrial projects.

Which mm TMT bar is decent for construction?

Size of Steel bars applied in building creation are 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm in addition to 25mm. 6mm as well as 8mm size/diameter of steel bars are employed for stirrup formation, from 8mm to 12mm size/diameter of steel bars/tmt bars are utilized in slab plus 12mm to 25mm size/diameter of steel bars/tmt bars are utilized for beam and column.

Which steel is employed for slab?

Steel Slabs are accessible in stainless, nevertheless, the most general is carbon steel. The chemical properties are diverse, but the significant elements are iron, copper, molybdenum, manganese, nickel, chromium as well as silicon.

What is standard slab height?

The lowest height from the surface of the floor to the ceiling or else bottom of slab ought to be not as much of as 2.75m. For air-conditioned rooms, a height of not as much of as 2.4 m calculated from the top of the floor to the bottommost point of the air-conditioning duct or else the false ceiling must be provided.

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