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Maihar Cement: M.P. Birla Group Trusted Brand Name

M.P. Birla Group is one of the prominent corporate houses of India. It has established trust among the citizens because of its incredible quality products.

Birla Corporation Limited (BCL) is the leading company of the M.P. Birla Group.

The Company is mainly involved in the manufacturing of cement as its core trade activity.

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Product Portfolio:

The product has a gamut of cement brands to cater to the consumers of different segments. The given below paragraphs clarify this statement in a broad way:

Premium Segment:

MP Birla Cement Samrat Advanced:

This is known as the most reliable cement brand because of its high quality and consumer’s first favourite make.



Algae resistant

In this brand, the chemical raw mix is planned in such a way to contain low level of alkali content thus confirming cement to evade Alkali- Aggregate reaction which gives advanced durability.


Tamper-proof packing

This tamper proof LPP packaging of this cement escape any kind of alteration/adulteration thus safeguarding it tamper-proof durable cement.


Fast setting

The amalgamation of cement raw mix provides its finest quality cement having earlier setting in comparison with the other usual cement.

MP Birla Cement Perfect Plus: 

This is a premium quality specifically engineered PPC Cement from the family of MP Birla Cement for precise applications of Foundation, Pillar and Roofing works. The product technology has numerous advantages in improving performance and life of the concrete. The uppermost quality standards have exclusive characteristics to make high performance larger grade concrete.

MP Birla Cement Unique:   

This is a premium trademark of Portland Slag Cement (PSC) that is extremely rich in reactive silica. The particles of the cement are so fine that they blowout over large surface areas, building them leak-proof and long-lasting. The product is wrapped in moisture-proof as well as tamper-proof Laminated Polypropylene (LPP) bags to guarantee freshness and a long shelf life.

MP Birla Cement Ultimate:  

This is a premium brand of Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) which is rich in clinker, fly ash along with gypsum. Two times refined, the product is resistant to corrosion as well as contains little amounts of alkali. Controlled Particle Size Distribution (CPSD) technology confirms that the particles of cement are neither too coarse nor too fine, thus guaranteeing robust and leak-proof construction

MP Birla Cement Ultimate Ultra        

This is high-quality pozzolanic cement that emanates with a guarantee of grander performance. It has attained the seamless balance between strength and beauty. Through its optimally well-adjusted molecular morphology of pozzolanic materials, it is a cement of the future and a constructor of homes that are both charming and long-lasting.

MP Birla Cement Rakshak:         

This is the most premium and higher water repellent cement to have been launched by the MP Birla Cement. Composed of extremely reactive clinker as well as tailor-made hydrophobic grinding aid, this Cement Rakshak promises an exclusive combination of enhanced strength and dampness resistance, right from the foundation to the roof.

Popular Segment:

MP Birla Cement Chetak:   

This is an esteemed product of Birla Corporation Limited (BCL), for approximately five decades. It is available in four options (PPC, OPC 43 and OPC 53 in addition to SRC), MP Birla Chetak emanates with the promise of strength and toughness. The fly ash applied in the product is rich in silica, which actually reacts with lime to yield a binding gel. This gel, in sequence, makes the construction strong as well as lasting.

MP Birla Cement PSC:    

A product of greater technology and sophisticated apparatus, MP Birla Cement PSC (Portland Slag Cement) certifies durability, strength, and decreased construction time.


MP Birla Cement Samrat: 

It is a fly ash-based Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), that follows to IS: 1489 (part 1). The right mixture of Portland cement clinker, fly ash along with gypsum makes the product strong, robust, and ideal for all kinds of construction.

Institutional Segment:

MP Birla Cement Concrecem:

The initial BIS certified institutional Ordinary Portland Cement (43 and 53 Grade) brand, particularly engineered for infrastructural growth. A product of avant-garde expertise, this brand guarantees strength, durability, and quicker construction time.

MP Birla Cement Multicem:      

The initial BIS certified institutional Portland Pozzolana Cement brand, specifically engineered for infrastructural expansion. This brand conforms to IS: 1489. It uses avant-garde technology and up-to-date equipment to confirm strength, durability, and quicker construction time.

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