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Maithan Steel: Known Brand for Strength & Quality


Maithan Steel TMT Bars: Building the Nation


Maithan Steel and Power Limited is an esteemed name in the steel industry these days. It has set newer benchmarks and accomplished newer heights every day in the infrastructure segment. The company is making research and development in this field per day in order to deliver better and better products and services to the end users.

Being in tune with the progression in steel-making technology, it has a united advanced plant in Salanpur, West Bengal as well as is all agreed to provide the finest class steel, using the finest technology.

Maithan Steel Bar Price

Size Price Date
10mm Rs.56,050 MT to Rs.65,500 MT 2022

Know about 4 Sut saria in mm


During construction processes, Maithan Steel Rebars play an imperative role in perfecting the concrete so that the building can change its shape in line with the design of the project being built effortlessly. By reason of their high demand in multiple applications throughout construction, manufacturers of the Rebars aim to yield products with higher strength as well as better ductility to meet their consumers' requirements.
The company manufactures Maithan Steel Rebars with the up-to-date available HYQST technology, confirming that the best of products are delivered to its customers.
The high strength bars are the basic condition for any construction route, be it buildings or bridges. The bar manufactured by it goes through rigorous quality checks before they reach its customers.

Why Maithan Steel Rebars:

The rebars manufactured by the company guarantee high elongation and thus better bendability for the duration of the construction process. Its high quality Steel Rebars are built with strength to survive earthquakes as well as natural calamities which make them a harmless choice for engineers as well as builders. 

Flexibility, strength, consistency, ductility along with quality is numerous factors that makes bars the strongest as well as the best. That is the reason that they are in high demand in the industry.


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