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Malabar TMT 8 mm Price

Malabar TMT Price Kerala

Malabar TMT Bars: Meeting the Horizon of Expectation

Malabar TMT has the finest available technology for production as well as always upgrades its infrastructure and improves its quality standards from time to time. Through a sound production and distribution system in place it is also the leader to get a Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) set up by Concast India, the innovators in continuous casting technology, in the whole State. With this it has got into the desirable club of steel brands which has own billet production. The grander technology has given it a solid edge over its competitors.

Sidhbali Saria Price List:

Malabar TMT Bars 8 mm Price

Rs 70,200 / MT

As on June 2022 

Malabar TMT Bars 12mm Price

Rs 67,400 / MT

As on June 2022 

Malabar TMT Bars 16mm Price

Rs 68,600 / MT

As on June 2022 

Malabar TMT Bars 25mm Price

Rs 68,600 / MT

As on June 2022

Quality Assurance

As expert steel manufacturers, its quality control division consists of a variety of superior accuracy testing equipment. It carries out a complete analysis of numerous parameters of the raw material in addition to the finished products to safeguard the highest levels of quality. It produces high-quality Quenched as well as Self Tempered (QST) TMT bars through superior properties which are established in its physical lab at frequent intervals. Each of its products is checked as well as filtered at every stage to guarantee 100% quality. Higher quality is the reason why it is among the most sought-after TMT products in South India.

Advanced Production

It has a range of products together with TMT steel bars, MS flats, MS angles, MS rounds as well as MS squares. Its products are completed as per the guidance as well as instructions from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The TMT SOOD is made according to the directions from the government.

Its vision to become the most reliable TMT steel manufacturer is getting fulfilled thru increasing customers' support and increasing dealership network in the region.


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