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Meenakshi TMT: Delivering beyond Expectation

Meenakshi TMT steel Bar Chennai Tamil Nadu India

With more than five decades of experience over three generations in the corporate, Meenakshi Group has been serving the uppermost industrialists and construction companies across India through excellent quality TMT bars as well as is one of the foremost companies in the steel manufacturing industry today. Set up by Sri Hari Mohan Bansal, this family business has reached the summit of the art of manufacturing the toughest grade of TMT Bars - Meenakshi TMT FE 550D plus Meenakshi TMT CRS FE 500 with the radical Z+ Technology to create the premier quality steel products that guarantee maximum strength, constancy and consistent support for present and future generations.


The group believes in playing a vital role in shaping the infrastructural growth as well as development of India. It is committed to building long-term relationships based on honesty, performance, value, and trust along with client satisfaction. Its aim is to encourage state-of-the-art ways to solve the elementary infrastructural problems by strengthening the very groundwork of your construction. It believes in providing products that shape the infrastructural development of India. Through the help of its core values - Trust, Honesty, Teamwork and Quality, the group has grown manifolds over the decades.

Meenakshi TMT Price Today

Meenakshi TMT Steel 12mm

Rs 69, 050 /  MT

As on June 25th 2022

Meenakshi TMT Steel  8mm

Rs 73, 500 /  MT

As on June 25th 2022

Meenakshi TMT Steel 16mm

Rs 70, 250 /  MT

As on June 25th 2022

Meenakshi TMT Steel 10mm

Rs 71, 400 /  MT

As on June 25th 2022

Meenakshi TMT Steel 20mm

Rs 70,050 /  MT

As on June 25th 2022

Meenakshi TMT Steel 25mm

Rs 70,050 /  MT

As on June 25th 2022

Why Meenakshi TMT Steel Bar:

The work force has been learning, embracing, and pioneering change. Its R&D experts continually work on taking the TMT bar to the next level. The material configuration of these TMT bars attest to greater weld ability with better foundational support, strength in addition to ductility. The Meenakshi TMT FE550 ‘D’ actually stands for Ductility which preserves the structural integrity of a building in the occasion of natural disasters for example earthquakes.

Meenakshi TMT FE 550D

  • Strong Bonds Stronger Buildings
  • Best Quality TMT Bars
  • Corrosion as well as seismic resistance TMT bars that deliver ultimate foundational support for buildings.

They are applied in high rise buildings, industrial structures, residential buildings, nuclear power plant, airports and railways.


How this is accomplished?

  1. Stringent quality control measures
  2. Confirm lowest sulphur and phosphorus content

Why D is the best preference for all infrastructures?

  1. Higher bendability that assistances bar-benders bend the rods
  2. Soft internal core
  3. Advanced elongation earlier to breaking
  4. Shock absorbent
  5. The suppleness that guards the infrastructure 

Z Ribs

The ground-breaking Z Ribs Technology industrialized by Meenakshi TMT offers matchless bonding with concrete and is demonstrated to give long-lasting strength to all building projects.



Product Features:

  1. Better Bonding Strength
  2. Economical
  3. Superior Weld ability
  4. Unbreakable ductility
  5. High load absorption ability
  6. Earthquake resistant


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