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India's Northeast Leading TMT Brand - Mega Turbo TMT Steel Bars

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Mega Turbo TMT: North-East India’s prominent TMT Bars Manufacturer and Supplier

Lohia Group is one of the premium manufacturers of the TMT Bars in North East India. Mega Turbo bars are assembled with revolutionary direct rolling machinery and come with a proficient delivery network. Mega Turbo, because of its relentless commitment towards improvisation, provides a wide range of products together with TMT bars, MS Angles, MS Flats as well as MS Billets of superior quality. Its commitment is based on process capability in steel melting and re-rolling together through strong product innovation as well as differentiation capabilities progressed over more than two decades in the industry. Its aim is to persist ahead in the competition by adopting the state-of-the-art technologies for improving the quality of its offerings.

Mega Turbo TMT steel bars price list:

Mega Turbo TMT Steel  12mm

Rs 67,425 /  MT

As on 10May 2022

Mega Turbo TMT Steel  8mm

Rs 70,675 /  MT

As on 10May 2022

Mega Turbo TMT Steel 16mm

Rs 68,425 /  MT

As on 10May 2022

Mega Turbo TMT Steel 10mm

Rs 69,685 /  MT

As on 10May 2022

Mega Turbo TMT Steel 20mm

Rs 68,375 /  MT

As on 10May 2022

Mega Turbo TMT Steel 25mm

Rs 68,375 /  MT

As on 10May 2022




Billets are manufactured through incessant casting machinery in which liquid steel flows from furnace to caster by a copper mould. The water in the mould gets cooled as well as oscillates at a prearranged rate. The oscillation, cooling as well as pausing is done in such a measured condition that the liquid steel coagulates into equated crystals.

TMT Bars Fe500D

TMT bars or else Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars are in fact high-strength reinforced bars having a tough exterior core and a soft interior core.

These TMT Fe 500 D re-bars comes with all grades as well as tolerances as specified by BIS. Its constant quality and unchanging dimensions are possible on account of in house facility of ceating MS Billets which through direct rolling technology are prepared into Mega Turbo TMT Rebars. On account of the continuous process all the Re-bars are formed with superior permanence and higher durability. These TMT Re-bars are perfect for applications in heavy load RCC structures similar to flyovers, dams, bridges along with other critical buildings where high yield load (design load) is necessary.

Mega Turbo contains an in house testing capacity in its state of the art laboratory, plus as such all the raw materials and completed products are checked meticulously before dispatch.


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