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Minar TMT Bar: Placing Quality at Supreme Level for Construction

Minar TMT Steel Bar

Founded in 1998, the Minar group is a countrywide enterprise headquartered in India, including over 5 operating companies in 4 business sectors: engineering, services, materials, energy.

The group has operation largely in South India, as well as its companies export products plus services. Each Minar Company activates freely under the guidance as well as supervision of its Managing Director Mr. A. Muhammed Shafi.

Minar TMT Steel Bar Price List:

Minar TMT Bars Size

        Price today / Quantity

Price As on Date


Rs 68,550 / MT

June 2022


Rs 67,550 / MT

June 2022


Rs 65,850 / MT

June 2022


Rs 66,250 / MT



Rs 66,250 / MT



Rs 66,250 / MT

June 2022

Why Minar TMT:

Minar Group has continuously tried to keep up its promise of offering quality TMT steel bars in addition to other products using the state-of-the-art technology available. It has been bestowed with the TEMPCORE license from CRM, Belgium , which is one of the hardest quality standards in the steel industry.
Its quality control is always alert as well as keep abreast of the modern developments and modernizations, so that a good control and outstanding product quality is guaranteed. This strict adherence to quality as well as product detail has made it receive several awards and recognition.

Primary Advantages of Using Minar TMT Bars:

  1. These bars lend greater welding ability, working ability, ductility along with better elongation.

  2. They are extensively used in the construction industry because of their astonishing flexibility in construction.

  3. Applying these TMT bars in construction is economical and increases the speed of construction.

  4. These bars are also easy to maintain as well as transport owing to their light weight

  5. These bars minimize the hazard of damage as a result of natural calamities similar to earthquake and fire casualties.

  6. The greatest part is that the steel of TMT bars can be reprocessed without compromising on class

  7. The steel framers are stress-free to create as well as assemble

  8. The company finds it easy to create as well as assemble the compulsory steel frames in the manufacturing factory.

  9. These bars are highly flexible in nature, on account of which they do not get crashes even after bending 180 degrees. The healthier elongation becomes possible due to the better ductility of the steel. The bars with well elongation rate are easy to carry as well as offer extreme saving in contrast with the CTD bars. This makes them impeccable for parts prone to cyclones, earthquakes in addition to other natural calamities.

  10. These TMT bars are corrosion resistant and hence help in dropping the rate of corrosion possible because of concrete. The rust has advanced volume than steel as well as corrosion results in cracking of the building.

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