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Moira Sariya TMT Steel Quality Grade Price list - India

Best TMT steel bar in Madhya Pradesh Indore

Moira Sariya: The Height of Brilliance

Moira Sariya was set up in Madhya Pradesh for the production of iron and steel products in 1987. Nowadays, it is one of India’s leading manufacturers as well as suppliers of great quality TMT bars. Moira has constantly looked at challenging, changing as well as evolving its processes through non-stop innovation, critical skill development, along with adopting the state-of-the-art manufacturing and management practices.

Moira Sariya TMT Steel Price list:

Moira Sariya TMT Steel  12mm

Rs 57,545 /  MT

Moira Sariya TMT Steel  8mm

Rs 60,590 /  MT

Moira Sariya TMT Steel 16mm

Rs 58,545 /  MT

Moira Sariya TMT Steel 10mm

Rs 58,585 /  MT

Moira Sariya TMT Steel 20mm

Rs 58,590 /  MT

Moira Sariya TMT Steel 25mm

Rs 58,590 /  MT

Market Leader

Its excellent marketing strategies have led us to institute itself as the market leaders of CRS TMT bars in Central India. The group has thus developed itself as a reliable brand through its automated and pioneering engineering, commitment to excellence, capable workforce, and wide-ranging dealer and distributor network.


The premise of the firm is extended across 45 acres of land in the Pithampur industrial belt. Its technologically advanced plants employ more than 700 strong workforce to provide 5 lakh tons of steel per annum. Moira TMT Sariya is manufactured by fully automatic, computerized up-to-date plants which employ refined German technology as well as design. Its team of qualified and trained professionals yields CRS Sariya of Grade Fe-500, Fe-550, Fe-500 D in addition Fe-550 D.

Operational Excellence:

The group has always strived for operational excellence in its processes, products, and people. It’s commitment to Total Quality Management is rewarded by its incorporation of all Indian standard specifications similar to Bureau of Indian Standards and ISO 9001:2015 certification. It has been bestowed with the coveted TIMES Icon Award in 2018 year as the Category Winner of Most Promising Company in the Steel Industry. It seeks to reach the heights of brilliance in all its processes while adhering to its core values of integrity, unity as well as honesty.

TMT Bars

Moira TMT bars are manufactured using state-of-the-art German “CRS” technology which encompasses uncovering bars to temperature as high as 1100 degree Celsius, at that time passing through rolling mills and lastly through high pressure water which marks these bars cool outside and still heated at core within on account of thermal exchange. This offers Moira TMT bar the distinguishing property of having an internal soft core and a tougher external core.

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