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National Water Tank: Pioneer in Plastic Water Tank

National water tank price in Gurgaon Haryana Delhi Noida Uttar Pradesh

Since 1978 (The National Group has experience in plastic industry more than 40 Years)

It has introduced itself as a Forerunner Company in manufacturing Plastic Water as well as Chemical Storage Tanks . To be honest, the group proudly states that it is India’s No: 1 company, having main range, sizes offered from 200 Itrs to 35,000 Itrs volume in 1 piece moulded without any joints manufactured through Rotational moulding course.

The Existing Products:

  1. Water and Chemical Storage Tanks.       (Two Hundred Ltrs. To Five Thousand Ltrs)
  2. Open Top Vessels with flat bottom.     (Two Hundred Ltrs. To Twenty Five Thousand Ltrs)
  3. Conical Bottom Tank with Open Top.   (Five Hundred Ltrs. To Ten Thousand Ltrs)
  4. Electroplating Tanks, Textile Trollies, Pickling Tanks, Troughs.
  5. Dust Bins
  6. Pallets
  7. Insulated Ice-Boxes.
  8. Crates
  9. Bucket and Ghamela



The company has grant of “BIS Certification Marks” ISI Licence No. CM/L – 7957003 according to 12701:1996 for water tanks.


The Company Vision

It wants to be the top-notch leader in its business and attain worldwide standards in storage restraint products as well as storage tank manufacturer services for dry bulk along with liquid storage applications.


Water Tank:

Exclusive Features:

  1. One-piece shaped without seams or joints and therefore leak-proof
  2. Sanitized
  3. Maintenance-free
  4. Light weight and henceforth easy to carry as well as install
  5. Changeable lids
  6. Computerise ribbed design for improved strength
  7. Multipurpose
  8. Aesthetically attractive
  9. Finest design for economy
  10. Rust proof
  11. Long-lasting
  12. Tested and approved by prominent laboratories, industries as well as institutions
  13. Available in numerous capacities from Two Hundred litres to Thirty Five Thousand litres.

Installation Guidelines:

  1. Deliver complete bottom support to the tank.
  2. Fix the tank on rigid, plain as well as smooth surface.
  3. Keep the lid locked all the time.
  4. Support all the connections to evade torque on the part of fittings.
  5. Check all the connections prior to using the tank.
  6. Fill up the tank stage by stage.
  7. Halt use of the tank, if leakage is observed.
  8. Do not install the tank in the neighbouring areas of vibration.
  9. Do not utilize the tank at pressure or else vacuum.
  10. Do not make straight connections of pump to the tank, offer supple pipe in-between.
  11. Do not directly interlock two tanks, inter connect by common manifold through flexible pipe in-between.

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