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Natraj TMT: Collection of Diverse Bars

Natraj TMT Steel Bar

Natraj TMT bars lend superior welding ability, ductility, working ability as well as better elongation. TMT bars are extensively used in the construction industry because of their remarkable flexibility in construction. Employing TMT bars in construction is economical and enhances the pace of construction.

Natraj TMT Saria Rate

Size Price Date
8mm Rs.59,000 MT to Rs.64,000 MT 2021

Why do we use Natraj TMT bars?

These bars not only provide high tensile strength as well as support to a erection structure but they also are very durable and seismic (earthquake) resistant as a result of their considerable high elongation property.

How many kinds of TMT steel are there?

4 diverse grades:

TMT bar producers in India manufacture four diverse grades of TMT bars –Fe-500, Fe-415, Fe-550 along with Fe-600. The numbers direct the level of stress that must be utilized to warp it and higher the grade, the stronger as well as superior the bar is. The grades are given as per their strength and inflexibility.

What is the dimension of TMT bar?

Commonly, the length of a typical TMT bar is 12 meters; it is the diameter which varies. The diameter could be 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 10 mm, 25 mm or else 32 mm.

How TMT bars are prepared?

Extraction of Iron from its ore:

The molten format of iron is pre-treated and transformed into steel. The chemical configuration of the steel is at that moment refined by passing through ladle heating. The molten type is then poured into a casting machine to yield the desired shape.

Which grade TMT bar is greatest?

Grade of the TMT Bar:

Fe 500D is the top grade of TMT Bar to pick for all type of construction purposes for its flawless balance between strength and flexibility. Natraj Fe 500D TMT Bars comes thru 560min N/mm2 proof stress that defends your home throughout an earthquake other than any other grade of Natraj TMT Bars.

Which rod is greatest for roof?

In India, top TMT bar for roof in house construction are in fact TMT bar of steel grade Fe500 and Fe550.


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