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Nirman TMT Bar 8mm & 12mm Fe 5100 Grade Price

Nirman TMT Price in Raipur Assam Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh

Nirman TMT: Meeting to all Demands

Nirman TMT endeavours to be worldwide market as a leading and constant growing face in steel industries, to be the most dependable quality manufacturer.

Nirman TMT steel Saria Rate list:

Nirman TMT steel Saria price  12mm

Rs 62,575 /  MT

As on 16 April 2022

Nirman TMT steel Saria Price  8mm

Rs 64,842 /  MT

As on 16 April 2022

Nirman TMT steel Saria Rate 16mm

Rs 62,322 /  MT

As on 16 April 2022

Nirman TMT steel Saria Rate 10mm

Rs 61,857 /  MT

As on 16 April 2022

Nirman TMT steel Saria Rate 20mm

Rs 62,182 /  MT

As on 16 April 2022

Nirman TMT steel Saria Rate 25mm

Rs 62,182 /  MT

As on 16 April 2022


The Indian steel industry is very contemporary with state-of-the-art steel mills. It has continuously strived for nonstop modernization and up-gradation of older plants as well as higher energy productivity levels.

Indian steel industries are categorized into three categories for example major producers, main producers in addition to secondary producers.

Considering the prospects of Iron and Steel in India and the understanding gained by the group in this segment, M/s Maruti Ferrous Pvt Ltd (MFPL) has established TMT Rolling Mill Unit through a mounted capacity of 60000MTPA at Siltara Industrial Zone, Phase II, Gram Sondra Raipur in Chhattisgarh.

Rolling Mills Simulator

To be able to regulate such a large and multifarious plant and cater to the high demands on process speed as well as product quality a powerful controller is desired to handle all mandatory function and advance stylish control system.


The TMT (thermos-mechanically-treated) re-bars (reinforcing bar) are employed as a tension expedient in reinforced concrete as well as reinforced masonry structures to fortify and support the concrete under tension. Its high quality physical and mechanical stipulations help to considerably upturn the tensile strength of the structure. Its hot rolled round bars by deformation at its surface stimulate a strong bond with the concrete. The TMT is manufactured using its integrated manufacturing course starting from iron creation. High grade iron ore along with pellets are processed into high class sponge iron in its facilities which is then transformed into crude steel in its steel melting shop. 500D is its flagship offering in the pool of accessible options and sizes. The group is able to deliver best-quality bars by controlling all the factors in the manufacturing method, lab testing, and by executing quality control mechanisms. Less steel is essential during construction because of the high quality of the product which offers cost-saving, therefore making Nirman TMT a reasonably priced product.

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