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Okotech Profile: Indian uPVC windows and Doors Profile

Okotech uPVC Profile

Okotech uPVC Windows and Doors

Okotech, as a set of dynamic enterprises, wants to design, build as well as breathe life into inventive products that last a lifespan. Durable so long, that one day they will end up turning your children’s favourite homes to live in as well as brands to prefer.

The group thrives, by choosing high class over making compromises; guaranteeing on-time delivery in place of missing deadlines; establishing long term relationships over concentrating on short-term gains; making permanent products over following “trending” fads. It delights its customers, instead of merely meeting their requirements.


The prime advantage of choosing for Ökotech uPVC window and door profiles is that it’s the most reasonably priced material. No other material can contest in terms of price. So, in case you have to stick to a low budget, Ökotech uPVC profile is the perfect choice. Moreover, there are many more rewards other materials cannot match.

  • Totally lead free

  • Totally leak free

  • Complete reduction in noise

  • Totally termite free

Benefits at a glance:

Cut Noise up to 40 dB

These uPVC windows and doors cut outside noise levels. It reduces stress and increases comfort

Maximum Water Tightness

One of the foremost assets of these uPVC window as well as door systems is that it is 100% leak-proofs during all-weather condition

Maximum Wind Resistance

The uPVC windows and doors endure very high wind velocities because of the “hurricane Bar” inserted into the profile. They are ideally appropriate for even high rise buildings nearly the sea, where they are wide-open to highly corrosive conditions through strong winds as well as cyclonic weather.

Environment Friendly

The uPVC window and door profiles are absolutely lead-free, consume less power while extruded and are fully recyclable as they hold Greenline calcium zinc stabilizers for eco-friendliness.

Least Maintenance

The uPVC windows and doors do not need painting and need least maintenance to keep looking decent.


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