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Simple things to Consider during Pre-construction Stage

Prior to erecting a building on a piece of land, many things have to be considered. This is called as pre-construction phase. You do need to collect adequate essential information during this stage in order to rule any hassle later on.

Pre-construction information is defined as information regarding the project that is by now in the client's possession or which is reasonably available by or on behalf of the consumer. The information have to be relevant to the specific project; have a suitable level of detail.



What factors are supposed to be considered all through preconstruction activities?

In this phase, a site selection is analyzed based on a number of factors together with: site (surroundings and neighborhood), environmental impact, topography (shapes along with features of the land as well as easements), possible costs of excavation (rock elimination and/or tree elimination), utilities, entrance to and from roads.

Here are a number of of the items you can look forward to to cover during the pre construction period:

  • Preliminary meeting to talk about the project.
  • Planning the design.
  • Calculating approximately costs and offering cost-saving alternatives.
  • Organizing project scope.
  • Recognizing potential issues along with outlining solutions.
  • Decide any preference for value engineering.

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