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Prominance UPVC - accredited by global Institutions - SKZ Germany and BSI UK

prominance upvc window

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Tireless Indian Weather conditions claim that uPVC Windows and Doors installations are strong and meet the uppermost manufacturing quality standards.

Prominance uPVC Windows and Doors are intended to achieve that through greatest raw material from Fortune Five Hundred Companies across the world and state of the art manufacturing courses overseen by top-tier talent confirming best practices.

Properties of uPVC Windows and Doors

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be sustained by avoiding interior energy loss (normally 37% through windows). Prominance Windows Profile Systems decrease energy loss by over 30% thereby dropping energy costs.

Outstanding Cost Benefit Ratio
uPVC profiles save a lot of prices in terms of maintenance as well as saving energy when compared to Timber frames which are roughly 40% - 50% additional expensive.

UV Resistance
Prominance Windows Profile Systems provide 100% UV resistance with the correct amount of TiO2, which helps in recollecting whiteness against revelation to the sun.

High Weather Resistance
Prominance Windows Profile Systems are particularly developed keeping in mind the severe weather prevalent in India. Extended exposures to sun, rain, wind and humidity cannot affect the window quality or toughness.

100% Recyclable
Prominance avoids contributing to deforestation through using wood substitutes. Prominance windows and doors are 100% lead free as well as recyclable

Sound Insulation
Not only do they deliver thermal insulation but also distinct sound insulation. Double glass units can aid in sound reduction up to 30 Db.

Greatest Energy Efficient uPVC Windows Profile System:

Based on Research Results

Prominance uPVC windows and doors are intended particularly to suit the severe weather conditions of India. It is accomplished by controlling the whole manufacturing process at its modern facilities to output the finest result contrasting to other uPVC brands, that source uPVC profiles from outside brands.

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