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Pulkit TMT Grade fe500 and fe550D price today - India

Buy TMT online Tamil Nadu Chennai today price India

Pulkit TMT: Finest Group for Construction

Pulkit Group began manufacturing with a modest manufacture of 2400 Metric Tons (mts) pa and now it is one of the main producers of TMT & CRS Bars in South India through installed Manufacturing capacity of 6 lakhs ton per annum, which embraces TMT & CRS Bars, Direct Reduced Iron (DRI), Billets, Power (Gas, Waste heat, Coal and Windmill) products.

Pulkit TMT steel bars price list:

Pulkit TMT Steel 12mm

Rs 59,352 /  MT

Pulkit TMT Steel  8mm

Rs 62,634 /  MT

Pulkit TMT Steel 16mm

Rs 60,582 /  MT

Pulkit TMT Steel 10mm

Rs 61,685 /  MT

Pulkit TMT Steel 20mm

Rs 60,587 /  MT

Pulkit TMT Steel 25mm

Rs 60,587 /  MT


Eco-Friendly Corporation:

To be a knowledge-based organisation which continuously achieves economic value by eco-friendly operational excellence, enabled by the nonstop innovation and driven by machinery to meet customer satisfaction.

 The Group's prime motive is to sustain high quality of products and preserve the environment. While maintaining the uppermost standards in quality, it gives greatest importance to the safety as well as security of the employees.


TMT Bars

Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) steel bars are recognized as the new generation steel because of their high strengths obtained completely in this method of steelmaking. TMT steel is produced by heating raw material at 1200^0c firstly, after which it is austenitized. Then, the bars undertake a process called quenching which allows quick cooling as well as conversion into martensite, the high strength structure of steel.

For the duration of Thermo Mechanical Treatment, the steel bars are prepared to pass through a specially-designed water cooling arrangement. The bars are cooled in water for a particular period of time such that the surface is colder as compared to the inner core that remains hot. This creates the heat flow from the internal core to external surface, causing tempering. This extra tempering of steel bars helps to convey a higher strength to the steel hence treated.


Bears bending and rebending because of low carbon content as well as higher elongation.

Secure and economical because of weld ability, bendability and outstanding ductility.

Better Strength and anti-corrosive properties because of TMT process.

Retention of strength against fire hazards because of tempered martensite external layer.

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Tmt Bars is used when

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Laying Down Foundation

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