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Tests to Ensure Best Quality TMT Bars

TMT bars have become an essential part of construction projects. Hence, in such conditions it becomes indispensable for us to identify the best quality of TMT bars. There are different Tests to make sure the best quality TMT bars.

TMT Bars comes in diverse grades like Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, Fe 600, the numbers represents the yield strength.


Which Grade of TMT Bar is greatest for Construction?
TMT Bars needs to have the ideal blend between strength and flexibility. According to IS Standards Fe 500d Grade steel reinforcement bars has the ideal combination of strength and flexibility. It is mostly suggested for all forms of construction purposes.

Conversely to determine the strength and elongation certain numbers of tests are carried out to ensure its quality. The tests are below mentioned
•    Yield Stress Test
•    Tensile Test
•    Chemical Analysis Test
•    Bend and Re-bend Test


Yield Stress Test in TMT Bar:
A Material can acquire stress up to which point? At which point it will begin to bend plastically? These are factors can be determined throughout Yield Stress Test/0.2% Proof Stress. Until the matter reaches to the yield peak it will deform elastically as well as return to its original shape while the applied stress is removed.


Tensile Test in TMT Bar:
To calculate the strength of reinforcement bars Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is employed. Up to 32 mm capacity of TMT Bars can be examined without machine as per IS 1786 and above which required to be tested with it.


Chemical Analysis Test in TMT Bar:
Cross segment wise 50mm/60mm length sample cutting from TMT Re-bars through abrasives, grinded as well as polished one side is employed for chemical composition examination in a spectrometer. The spectrometer consumes 10 to 15 seconds to provide results in printed form of an utmost of 26 elements in the TMT. The spectrometer primarily gives the results of the percentages of sulphur, carbon along with phosphorus which is important as per BIS. 


Bend and Re-bend Test in TMT Bar:
In a lot of cases you can find that TMT Bars are becoming deformed. It happens due to wrong handling of the materials. As a result, one must be careful at the same time as bending and re-bending the TMT at building sites. When bending or re-bending is completed at a building site, it is to be made certain that the bend radii are not formed less than the prescribed minimum sizes in the related standards. Incorrect bending can harshly have an effect on the performance of steel reinforcement in the service.

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