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Radha TMT Steel Grade Fe550 Price List Today

Buy TMT Steel bar in Hyderabad Telangana in Best Price

Radha TMT: Symbol of Superior Excellence

Even after 6 decades of prototypical competency as well as result-oriented endeavours, Radha Smelters have faith in in improving day by day. Adhering to the guidelines lay down by its Founder, deprived of resting on its numerous laurels; the Company is endlessly raising its bar as well as expanding its footprint to turn out to be the numero-uno brand. It has determinedly resolved to take on the encounters of the future marketplace with elan to attain its goal. With industry-leading technology, remarkable domain expertise, unwavering commitment to client relationship along with a focus on high quality methods, Radha Smelters wishes to be a pillar of support for its client in trade, and beyond business.

Radha TMT steel bars price list:

Radha TMT Steel 12mm

Rs 58,342 /  MT

Radha TMT Steel  8mm

Rs 61,624 /  MT

Radha TMT Steel 16mm

Rs 59,572 /  MT

Radha TMT Steel 10mm

Rs 60,675 /  MT

Radha TMT Steel 20mm

Rs 59,577 /  MT

Radha TMT Steel 25mm

Rs 59,578 /  MT

Cultivating a culture of quality

Circa 1960: While India was yet to expand its infancy, one man saw beyond the horizon as well as discovered a Vision. Realising that the stuff of a strong nation had to be prepared from steel and every relationship, small or big, can convey about a change, Shri RadheshyamJi Saraf soon changed his vision into a reality known as Radha Smelters.

Radha Smelters has functioned shoulder to shoulder with industry leaders in India’s progress plus grown in every passing year since inception, firmly nurturing a culture of Excellence. Today, as the nation is on its way to becoming a superpower, the corporation has emerged as a player to known within its sector. It has forged its name as a foremost brand in TMT bars in India that is identical with superior Quality.

TMT Bars

Radical Technology

Radha TMT bars offer exactly what builders, consultants and architects wish- the durability, strength and resistance of steel. The superior class of these bars, produced using THERMEX, is an outcome of 4 factors:

High Quality Key Raw Material – MS Billets

Completely Automated High-Speed Bar Mill

German Designed Quenching and Tempering Expertise

Strict Testing and Excellence Control Process

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Tmt Bars is used when

Building Superstructure

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Laying Down Foundation

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