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Rajuri Steel 500 CRS, 500D Plus Price list Today

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Rajuri Steels: Meeting the International Benchmark

Raising the bar to worldwide standards

When a company seeks to manufacture products of a first-class standard, the choice of technology turn out to be critical. In order to yield TMT rebars that are of really greater performance than CTD bars, Rajuri Steel has approved the German Thermex Cooling technology which is a harmless factory execution along with a proven technology that is trusted by civil as well as structural designers for the excellence of the TMT rebar.

Rajuri Steel TMT Price List: 

Rajuri Steel TMT Steel 8 mm Price

Rs 61, 200 /  MT

Rajuri Steel TMT Steel 12mm Price

Rs 58, 400 /  MT

Rajuri Steel TMT Steel 16mm Price

Rs 59, 600 /  MT

Rajuri Steel TMT Steel 25mm Price

Rs 59, 100 /  MT

Quenching and Self Tempering (TMT) Course

There are two points of cooling that offer the rebar its exclusive property, which is as a result of the difference between the peripheral layer as well as the core of the rebar. From the concluding rolling mill stand, the steel bar undertakes rigorous cooling in the Thermex Water Cooling system which strengthens the surface but as this is for a short-term while, the core is still hot. The core cools further slowly over a longer time in the atmosphere in addition to a fine ferrite-pearlite structure forms in the middle, while there is a toughened martensite zone near the surface. The effect is a steel bar with enhanced workability, bendability, along with elongation which gives additional lasting strength to the civil construction.

Technology standard has converted into the market standard

The market in India has been shifting to the TMT (thermo-mechanically treated) rebars predominantly over the previous decade. By way of the Thermex TMT technology, Rajuri Steel yields Gr.Fe500 steel through elongation of more than 14.5% is the well-matched creation for reinforcement. This creation has been steadily substituting Fe415 as the construction steel of choice by means of its better elongation values. The licensed technology provider of the group, HSE of Germany supplies tools that can manufacture products which meet French, Swiss, German, along with British standard stipulations.

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