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Rana Saria TMT Steel 4 Soot Rate today

TMT Saria rate Uttar Pradesh

Rana TMT: Better than the Set Expectations

In 1980 a revolution in steel industry emerged in North Indian town Muzaffarnagar. Haji Qamurzana Rana set up Rana 550 TMT steel. Severe scarcity of infrastructure, fund along with high competition were primary hindrances in the growth of the company. The founding Chairman Haji Qamurzana Rana was determined to take the firm to the height of success. He sincerely worked by leaps and bounds to make the brand an eminent one in the steel industry. Ultimately, his devotion, honesty and hard work made the group one of the most reputed trademarks in the industry.

Rana TMT Saria Rate list:

Rana TMT Steel bar Saria  12mm

Rs 56,565 /  MT

Rana TMT Steel bar Saria  8mm

Rs 59,540 /  MT

Rana TMT Steel bar Saria 16mm

Rs 57,575 /  MT

Rana TMT Steel bar Saria 10mm

Rs 57,545 /  MT

Rana TMT Steel bar Saria 20mm

Rs 58,550 /  MT

Rana TMT Steel bar Saria 25mm

Rs 58,550 /  MT

TMT bars:

TMT bars or Thermo-Mechanically Treated bars are in fact high strength reinforcement bars containing a hard external core and a soft internal core. At Rana TMT, the company has integrated plants which produce billets in-house and thereafter the process of TMT manufacture commences.

Rana 550 TMT is better than the given standards:

The Indian Standard Bureau and International Standard Bureau propose certain chemical composition of Carbon, Sulphur along with Phosphorus. Its products are even better than these ones. Similarly, its products are better than the set standards of mechanical properties. The group believes in gratifying the requirements of its clients and providing optimum value for their hard earned money.

Why Rana TMT

RANA 550 TMT Bar is one of the class products offered in the market. It is corrosion free as well as fits well into any construction giving it to the compulsory strength and support. You can expect a high level strength of the buildings or construction projects, wherever these bars are employed

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Tmt Bars is used when

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Lot of Material Required to build Super structure. Comaron Gurgaon provides you all the product related to Super structure for any construction.

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