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Rashmi TMT: Producing Quality Steel for Resilient Structures

Rashmi TMT

Rashmi TMT

With a 1.7 million MT annual capacity, Rashmi Metaliks is one of the top producers of pig iron and steel today. The company added its own Billet generating steel melting shop in 2009 and a rolling mill for the production of TMT bars with a capacity of 1.18 MTPA after expanding from its existing setup of a Pig Iron & Sinter Plant created in 2007 with a capacity of 4 lacks MTPA.

Production Process of TMT Bars

  • A DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) factory treats raw materials.
  • The steel melting shop is where one can get billets of excellent grade.
  • Billets are run through a cutting-edge rolling mill.
  • A structure referred to as "Tempered Martensite" is produced by the self-tempering process.
  • The Martensite portion is tempered by the Atmospheric Cooling process, which also transforms the ductile core into the Ferrite Pearlite structure.
  • While the Ferrite-Pearlite section is ductile and gifted with elongation qualities, the Martensite portion is hardened and able to sustain loads of greater magnitudes.
  • Chemical and mechanical testing is performed in accordance with IS 1786:2008.
  • The necessary length of TMT bars is cut, then they are packaged and tagged.
  • This industry leader in TMT bar production provides its goods to governmental organizations, business organizations, construction firms, and real estate developers. They are perfect for flyovers, dams, bridges, and other crucial structures that need to withstand large yield loads without sacrificing quality or ductility.

Rashmi TMT Grades

  1. Rashmi TMT Fe 415
  2. Rashmi TMT Fe 415D
  3. Rashmi TMT Fe 500
  4. Rashmi TMT Fe 500D
  5. Rashmi TMT Fe 550 EQCR

Characteristics of Rashmi TMT

  1. Greater UTS/YS ratio for increased seismic resistance: Has a greater UTS/YS ratio, which increases its resistance to seismic stresses and makes it the ideal choice for places that are prone to earthquakes: 
  2. Meeting recognized standards for high ductility and strength: meets recognized standards for the UTS/YS ratio, resulting in constructions that are both highly ductile and highly strong.
  3. Prevention of corrosion through controlled water cooling: The main source of corrosion is the production of coarse carbides, which is prevented by controlled water cooling.
  4. Greater corrosion resistance due to low carbon concentration in raw materials: Low carbon concentration in the raw materials used to make bars results in greater corrosion resistance.

Advantages of Rashmi TMT Bars

A. Earthquake resistance: 

Earthquake-resistance: According to Thermo Mechanical Treatment, the Rashmi 500D TMT Bars have increased elongation, which makes them resistant to earthquakes.

B. Corrosion resistance: 

Corrosion resistance: During production, the Rashmi 500D TMT Bars' outer surface hardens into a coating of ferric oxide when exposed to moisture and air while being processed on a cooling bed. The bars are more corrosion-resistant thanks to this treatment.

C. Fire resistance: 

Rashmi TMT Bars are specially made to withstand heat up to 600o Celsius, in contrast to regular CTD bars and TOR steel bars.

D. Higher strength, toughness, and ductility: 

Higher strength, toughness, and ductility are provided by the TMT Bars' combination of fine-grained ferrite-pearlite in the core and tempered martensite on the surface.

E. Super bondability with surrounding concrete: 

TMT Bars firmly bond with the surrounding concrete, enhancing the construction's strength and firmness.

F. Higher weldability for ease of construction: 

The TMT bars are produced using low-carbon raw materials. Because of this, the bars' weldability is increased.

G. Steel savings through low tolerance for sectional weight: 

Rashmi TMT Bars are able to consume 15% less steel than competitors by maintaining a low tolerance for sectional weight.

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