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Roca: The Global Brand in India

Roca India Price List

Roca is a Spanish manufacturer of sanitary ware products. It is one of the principal brands in Spain with a presence in more than 135 nations. 


  1. Application place: Bathtub, Shower.
  2. Diverter: Programmed.
  3. Faucet type: Single-lever.
  4. Quality: Chrome.
  5. Handle spot: Lateral.
  6. Installation form: Built-in.
  7. Kind of cartridge: Ceramic.

Great Feel:

The extreme amount of research has gone into identifying as well as developing the indispensable characteristics of the collection, offering a deluxe feeling to simplicity, organic shapes and ground-breaking materials.  Rather than showing off, the importance is to feel well within well-designed environments where hygiene, performance as well as comfort are of key concern.

The bathroom space is a dwelling of inspiration and sanctuary, a warm encounter with the self, a refreshing instant of reflection. This collection offers all the right features to let your time to be spent well as well as your mind in peace.

Is Roca a Spanish company?

These days Roca's commercial network spreads to more than 170 countries, provided by its 82 production plants as well as employs over 24,000 employees all around the globe. Roca continues to be an absolute Spanish company involved in the creation of inspirational and pioneering bathroom spaces, making it a global leader.

Is Roca and Parryware identical?

Roca group took charge of Parryware in 2006 and then, EID Parry developed into a 100 per cent subsidiary of the Roca group in 2010. In the year 2011 Armani Roca brand was launched in the Indian domestic market. In 2015, Parryware changed its brand uniqueness to begin itself as India's principal sanitaryware brand.

Is Roca a luxury product?

The Armani Roca Brand is a joint expansion of finest bathroom products by Giorgio Armani. Laufen is one more luxury brand with Swiss technology, whereas Roca besides is a super-premium brand. Roca carries two brands for the Indian domestic market – the premium Parryware and Johnson Pedder, which actually falls in the reasonable category.

How do I recognize which Roca toilet I have?

You might not have realised it, nevertheless if you closely look at the reverse side of the cover, you might discover the name of the model printed on it.

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