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Tile Design for Room in Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Varied Tile Designs for your Room

Tiles are considered as the best option for flooring your room. Anyhow, you might be confused about its exact design for flooring purpose of your bedroom or dining hall. Following discussion will definitely help you to think about t with a different angle:

Selecting a tile for my bedroom:

When selecting the size, make sure there is least amount wastage during installation. Choose large-sized tiles for your living room, dining room along with bedroom. Smaller ones are suitable for the kitchen as well as bathroom. Just keep in mind that large tiles generate less joint lines and pass on the feeling of spaciousness.

Things to consider when picking tiles:

  • Before you start. Assume about the style of your house.
  • Tile size. Small-sized tiles are generally suited to small residential areas for example kitchens, bathrooms as well as toilets.
  • Color
  • Grout
  • Room range.
  • Texture as well as pattern.
  • Natural light.

Best type of tiles for your home:

Affordability as well as durability makes ceramic the ultimate choice for any room in your quarters, including the bathroom, kitchen in addition to front entrance. Glazed ceramic tile provide additional security against stains or damage as contrasted to wood, carpet, or else even only plank flooring.


Best tiles for flooring in bedroom:

  • Wooden Ceramic Tiles. In case you are a nature-lover and would adore getting some of that vibe in your private space, go for wooden ceramic tiles in place of natural wood.
  • Marble Effect Ceramic Tiles.
  • Porcelain Tiles.

What thickness of tile is greatest?

Go for a porcelain tile thickness of 5/16 inch thick or thicker for flooring. While selecting floor tile, evaluate the thickness on different tile alternatives. A broad tile can get in the way with doors opening or source an uneven transit between rooms, as a result choose a tile that works in your room.

Best Quality of Tiles:

Top Tile Brands in India Demand Considering in 2021

  1. Orient Bell. Orient Bell is one of the most excellent tile brands in India, providing several tiles in diverse shapes as well as forms.
  2. Somany
  3. Kajaria is the eighth largest tile manufacturer in the world as well as is one of the finest tile brands in India.
  4. Nitco
  5. Cera
  6. HR Johnson.



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