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RUDRA TMT: Quality TMT Steel Bar for Construction

Rudra TMT Steel Bar

RUDRA GLOBAL is endorsed by a team of young entrepreneurs as well as experienced veterans thru established track records. The group began its journey in 1991 through a steel re-rolling mill having volume of 1000 MT per month. Nowadays, the group is engaged in numerous businesses like Ship recycling, Induction furnace, Rolling Mill, Oxygen plant, producing above than 2 Lakh MT per annum of steel, by a group turnover nearby 1000 crore per annum.

Rudra TMT Steel Bar Price:

Rudra TMT Bars Size

        Price today / Quantity

Price As on Date


Rs 65,500 / MT

Nov 2021


Rs 67,500 / MT

Nov 2021


Rs 62,800 / MT

Nov 2021


Rs 63,200 / MT

Nov 2021


Rs 63,200 / MT

Nov 2021


Rs 63,200 / MT

Nov 2021


Most of the TMT Bar producers in Gujarat are reliant on on other Industries for raw material.

Billet being traded at a premium in market, maximum of the TMT producers make use of ingots to produce TMT bars. A few of them even misguide the clients by claiming to apply billets.

The superiority of TMT depends on the class of Raw material, as TMT Producers acquire raw material from several induction plants, they do not have control over the consistency in eminence of TMT bars.




TMT bars prepared from 100% Billet.



Carbon Content less than 0.25% in Fe500 and Fe550 and less than 0.21% in Fe500D, Fe550D n Fe600.



The TMX is not merely ISI approved but also delivers TMT bars according to European, Russian along with American Standards. It is newly installed completely automatic rolling mill by German Technology THERMEX



Sulphur and Phosphorus are lower than 0.075% in all grades.



Dedicated in making CRS billets.



The group does not use steel scrap to tie bundles of TMT bars. Its TMX bars are bundled by machines with polymer plastic strips. Usually 50 kg scrap is sold to clients at TMT price in name of bundling which costs nearby 6Ors per ton. Thus, the TMX saves money for its customers.

Why Rudra:



Maximum CTD/TMT manufacturers utilize re-rollable scrap or Ms Ingots, which do not give control over the property of the steel produced. At Rudra, the raw material is first transformed into molten metal using a 20 MT furnace. This fluid steel is actually cast into billets in a billet caster, which are then and there rolled into TMT Bars in the automatic rolling mill.



The external temperature of the bars is decreased from 1000 C to 450 C in half a second by rigorous controlled cooling. This outcomes in the surface being changed to tempered martensite as well as the core being transformed to flexible ferrite-pearlite.



Strict quality tests are conducted at each stage and the anticipated chemistry maintained right through the method. After manufacturing, the products are sensibly inspected at Spectrolab by a skilled quality team and assessed on various parameters similar to weight, tensile strength, bend capability, elongation and chemistry.


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