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Satyam Cement: A Premium Quality all Purpose Cement


Satyam Cement: Bringing the Nation at Elevated Level

Satyam Cement is considered as one of the greatest binders of TMT, bricks along with other constituents of construction. This property enables it to provide solid consolidation to the buildings and make them long lasting.

The fineness of the cement presents a higher surface area for hydration and thus quicker development of strength. The fineness of grinding of the esteemed Satyam cement has enhanced over the years.

Satyam Cements Co. is cement producing company at Rakhjalphar, positioned in the center of Kathua. High value limestone accessible on the Saurashtra Coast empowers Satyam Cements to retain high standard of class. Computerized plant promises productions approximately 1 Lac MT/Annum

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Feature of Satyam Cement:

Although looked-for cement properties may fluctuate depending on the sort of construction, mostly good cement owns following properties (which depend upon its configuration, meticulousness of burning and fineness of grinding). It provides strength to masonry as well as stiffens or hardens timely. In addition to this, it possesses good flexibility.

Why Satyam Cement:

You can identify this cement by its gray color with a trivial green shade.

Other Identification:

1) Lumps – In cement, lumps are formed because of absorption of moisture. Satyam cement has no lumps.

2) Temperature – In case you push your hand inside the bag of Satyam cement, you shall feel a certain coolness.

Interesting facts on cement:

Which cement is waterproof?

Waterproof cement is the label assumed to a portland cement to which a water-repellent instrument has been added. Hydrophobic cement is attained by grinding the cement clinker by a film-forming substance for instance oleic acid in order to lessen the rate of deterioration.

What are the advantages of cement?

Advantages: Cement is very durable. It can create large structures speedily. It conforms to dissimilar shapes (arcs and circles, etc.). Further, it has high thermal mass (reasonable temperature).

How is cement unlike from concrete?

Even if the terms cement and concrete repeatedly are used interchangeably, cement is in fact a component of concrete. Concrete is a blend of aggregates and paste. The aggregates are actually sand and gravel or rumpled stone; the paste is water plus portland cement.

What is the foremost composition of cement?

Cement is manufactured by a carefully controlled chemical recipe of calcium, silicon, iron, aluminum and other parts. General materials used to manufacture cement take in limestone, shells, as well as chalk or marl combined thru shale, slate, blast furnace slag, clay, silica sand in addition to iron ore.

Why does cement strengthen?

Cement strengthens when it comes into contact with water. This toughening is a method of crystallization. Crystals form (after an assured length of time which is acknowledged as the initial set time) and intertwine with each other. Concrete is absolutely fluid before the cement sets, and then gradually hardens.

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