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Sheetal water tanks 3 layer and 4 layer price list

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Sheetal Water Tank: Available with Scintillating Features

With more than three decades, Sheetal Group is known as one of the leading water tank manufacturers. It flagship of water storage tanks has been a principal choice of Indians for several years.

Product Varieties:  

Black Water Tanks

Water tanks, as we all see has innumerable uses across manifold industries. Water storage, both for potable as well as utility water purposes, can be more difficult than simple storage issues. Thus choosing the correct water storage tank as well as size will make things easier for you and offer you with the finest value for your money.

Why select black or White water tank?

As the most algae as well as bacteria are light sensitive, while the water is exposed to sunlight it can increase the rate of growth several times over what no exposure would let. Therefore, hindering the sun from the water inside the tank is a main consideration in the selection of plastic water tanks. This black water tank will stop light from entering the inner contents where photosynthesis can show the way to the development of algae growth and distribution of light-sensitive microbes.

Features of Black Water Tank

  1. User-friendly as well as maintenance free
  2. No build-up of silt at the bottom
  3. UV resistant
  4. Endure the harsh weather conditions
  5. FDA Compliant Material
  6. Can be employed for residential as well as industrial purposes.

Colour Water Tanks

Why shade of Your Water Tanks Matter?

There are two chief reasons why the shade of the water tank matters:

  1. The right colour will chunk out the sun removing the algae growth.
  2. Choosing the right dye to mix into the atmosphere.

All Sheetal Colour Tanks come typical with:

  1. Clear marked inlet as well as outlet
  2. Made through 100% virgin plastic
  3. FDA approved plastic
  4. High robustness
  5. Non-toxic, rust resistant as well as smell free
  6. Internal layer for clear visibility of water and other pollutants
  7. Prevents the development of algae and fungus
  8. Manufactured to the uppermost standards utilizing advanced technology as well as production procedures

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