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Shiva TMT: Manufacturing the best TMT Steel Bars

Best TMT steel Bar in Ahmedabad Bhavnagar Gujarat

Shiva TMT steel has the uppermost quality testing and follows to FE 450, FE 500, and FE 500D, FE 600, in addition to FE 700. It is actually hard on the outside for strong building.

Shiva TMT steel bars price list:

Shiva  TMT Steel Saria 12mm

Rs 57, 450 /  MT

Shiva  TMT Steel Saria 8mm

Rs 60, 700 /  MT

Shiva  TMT Steel Saria 16mm

Rs 58, 650 /  MT

Shiva  TMT Steel Saria 10mm

Rs 59, 750 /  MT

Shiva  TMT Steel Saria 20mm

Rs 58,450 /  MT

Shiva  TMT Steel Saria 25mm

Rs 58,450 /  MT


  1. Bridges
  2. Residential Buildings
  3. High Rise Buildings
  4. Jetty Construction
  5. Industrial Structures
  6. Dams


S.S.Industries (SSI) is producer of Reinforcement steel bar from 8 mm to 32 mm sizes. The unit is located at Sihor, a centre of steel rolling mills, in Gujrat. Nowadays company is an eminent player in the market.

Its strength is early anticipation and quicker response. It is an integral strength that gives us the time as well as space to innovate, to think laterally as well as to make the most of the technical chances.

Why Shiva TMT:

Earthquake Resistant

High strength, high ductility along with high bendability makes these bars greatly earthquake resistant. Because of these features, these bars are highly suggested even in the seismic zones 3, 4 in addition to 5.

Corrosion Resistant

All the strict quality tests performed for chemical investigation of the bars during numerous stages of production ensure that these bars are highly corrosion resistant.

 Fire Resistant

The TMT Bars are capable of soaking heat up to 6000o c and thus are extremely fire resistant.


The bendability significantly surpassing the ISI standards makes the TMT Bars highly accomplished of sustaining massive tension under great pressure, which makes them importantly earthquake resistant.


Manufactured through the full limit of carbon of 0.25%, these bars validate high weldability without waning up at the joints. The time as well as cost of the pre and post-heating is too saved.


Outstanding workmanship, state-of-the-art manufacturing course, dependency on the greatest production equipment along with top-notch testing makes the TMT bars greatly accurate.


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