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Shyam Steel: Never Compromise with Quality

Shyam Steel TMT bars are known as one of the finest bars in the entire industry, as their quality is not compromised in any circumstance. The Steel Giant Firm offers a superior product which comes with a series of inbuilt advantages. It offers reliability in quality, homogeny in grades, dimensions as well as tolerances. It also comes with greater stability, towering strength-to-weight ratios, and properties for elevated durability as well as easy workability.


Shyam Steel has been proven to be one of the most excellent steel manufacturing companies in India since 1953, incessantly associated with valuable projects. It wants to contribute in making every home strong as well as earthquake proof across the nation. The group never compromise on quality and guarantee to provide it at finest price.


Meaning of Shyam Steel:
Founded in 1953, Shyam Steel Group is one of the foremost tmt saria price today gurgaon, India, producing TMT Rebar, Billets along with Sponge Iron. Guided by a viewpoint to produce safe as well as sustainable steel, it is a pioneer in class production of steel.


Price of Shyam Steel TMT bar:


Shyam Steel Tmt Bars

Eighteen mm Mild Steel TMT Bars


Rs 348 per Piece

Rs 53,000 per Ton

Trade name







Fe 500D is the unsurpassed grade of TMT Bar to pick for all form of construction purposes for its ideal balance between strength and flexibility. It’s Fe 500D TMT Bars are available with 560min N/mm2 proof stress which protects your home for the duration of an earthquake as compared to any other grade of TMT Bars.


What is D in TMT bar?
“Fe” means iron in TMT Bar plus “D” stand as Elongation. In Fe 500 and FE 500D TMT Bar “500” implies the lowest amount of yield stress in MPa. FE 500D has advanced percentage of elongation as contrasted to any other Grade of TMT Bar.


Proof Stress of steel:
A further simple way to think of proof stress is the end at which a particular degree of permanent deformation takes place in a test sample. Generally, the stress to fabricate 0.2 percent extension is passage in N/mm2 for steel. The value for this is usually set at 0.1 or 0.2% plastic strain.


Minimum yield strength of steel:
The Minimum yield strength of re-bars = 40,000 psi. The acceptable design stress in concrete ought not to be more than 1/3 of the least concrete strength. The acceptable design stress in steel ought not to be more than 40% of the least yield strength of steel.




IS: 1786 Fe 500

Shyam 500D TMT Re-bars

0.2 percent Proof Stress(min N/mm2)



Ultimate Tensile Strength (min N per mm2)



Percent Total Elongation at max force min


Percent Elongation.min




Ultimate tensile strength:

Ultimate tensile strength (UTS) is the highest stress which a material can bear up while being stretched or pulled. Tensile strength is an imperative measure of a material's ability to execute in an application, as well as the measurement is extensively used when describing the properties of metals as well as alloys.


Tensile strength meaning in steel:

Tensile by definition denotes capability of being drawn out or else stretched. The strength is the resistance of steel to breaking beneath tensile tension. It's used to indicate the point when steel goes from elastic (momentary) to plastic (everlasting) deformation.


Elongation in strength of materials:

Elongation is a evaluation of deformation which occurs before a material ultimately breaks while subjected to a tensile load. As the later is applied, a rise in length and a uniform decline in cross-sectional area take place, at the same time as the material maintains a stable volume.


Elongation of steel meaning:

Elongation is the percentage of extension from the original length of the steel to the tip of failure, exhibiting how ductile the steel is. Ductility is the ability of the steel to be stretched out without becoming additional brittle or weaker in the course of action.


Followings are the reasons to choose Shyam Steel TMT bar for your house:


While making a house or building you need to be cautious about choosing the material. The central factors for choosing the building materials are in fact Contractors, Engineers plus Masons as well.


  1. Shyam steel is one of the founders to setup its own integrated steel plant in Eastern India which ensures its eminence.
  2. It’s IS 1786:2008 Fe 500D TMT Rebar confirmed to be the best excellence with utmost elongation property that helps to guard your home for the duration of earthquake.
  3. The Steel TMT Rebar bend/re-bend property can employed for all types of structural functions without losing its property.
  4. Its Thermex Technology (From Germany) for cooling the TMT bar supplies the output that delivers the great combination of Strength as well as Flexibility. It composes the TMT softer in core for flexibility as well as harden from outside for strength.
  5. The Steel proven to be one of the preeminent steel manufacturing company in India since 1953, continuously coupled with expensive projects. It really wishes to make every home strong as well as Earthquake proof across the country.
  6. The company never compromise on quality plus make sure to provide it at best cost. There is a provision for optimized process to manufacture TMT bars ensuring negligible wastage.
  7. The company does not deliver what it has; rather it exactly meets the criteria of its buyers and delivers according to their requirements.
  8. Shyam steel adheres to every guideline for safety instructions and it is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified as well as OHSAS: 18001 Certified.


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