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Sidhbali Saria: Making the Structures Enduring

Sidhbali Saria Price Uttrakhand


Sidhbali Saria is one of the primary business conglomerates in Indian Steel Market as well as is involved in an extensive variety of “TMT BARS” that touch the most elementary and far advanced facets of Infrastructure Sector in routine. Founded in 1998, the company continues to preserve or surpass standards that are demanded by the most cautious clients in the section of quality. The name as well as commerce strength that has been earned by the company today is because of the professionally furnished and competent staffs, which have a diverse experience of the Indian market along with good knowledge of serving the clienteles to their satisfaction. This is additionally enhanced by the ground-breaking ideas of the management, who endeavour from time to time in creating wakefulness and keeping the corporation at par to the up-to-date development of today's world. It is a professionally managed company that have faith in in profitable, sustainable as well as enjoyable long-term relationships through its all concerned persons.


Shree Sidhbali Industries Limited was initially united in 1998 as Shree Sidhbali Sugar Limited. In 2009, the company began manufacturing Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) Bars thru launching a new re-rolling mill in Kotdwar (Uttrakhand) by a capacity of 75000 TPA, later improved up to 120000 TPA, over and above an Induction Furnace to manufacture M.S. Ingot thru a capacity of 30000 TPA. In February 2011, the corporation was retitled as “Shree Sidhbali Industries Limited”. The firm makes and sells TMT bars under the product name of “SIDHBALI SARIA”.

Sidhbali Saria Price List:

Sidhbali Saria 8 mm Price

Rs 69, 200 /  MT

As on July 2022 

Sidhbali Saria 12mm Price

Rs 66, 400 /  MT

As on Jyly 2022 

Sidhbali Saria 16mm Price

Rs 67, 600 /  MT

As on July 2022 

Sidhbali Sariar 25mm Price

Rs 67, 600 /  MT

As on July 2022



The Company is making simply TMT Bar as final product under its trademark name “SIDHBALI SARIA”.

“SIDHBALI SARIA” the class steel brand, a nation which is strong infrastructure-wise represents development in real terms. Be the structure of skyscrapers, incredibly enduring highways, dams as well as bridges, all have been possible on account of the spotlessly designed steel reinforcement bars which lie inside these unmovable structures having massive strength as well as one steel manufacturing company which has the glory of imparting strength to all chief civic constructions is the greatly strong “Sidhbali TMT Bars”.

Taken in with high gripping power, all grades of excellently strong Sidhbali TMT Bar exhibits high properties similar to earthquake resistance, fire and heat resistance and supreme load-bearing volume and manufactured under extremely supervised conditions through the most progressive and stylish techniques, these TMT bars inherit the chemical, physical in addition to mechanical features right from the raw material stage, which throughout the course of production get powerful and the final product claims of its qualities unimpeachably. The TMT Bar also possesses other flawless features like stress-free bending ability, simple welding capacity, high tensile strength, high durability as well as rust resistance, which together have finished the Bar the ultimate choice of the whole construction sector.

It is presently manufacturing TMT Bars extending from 8mm to 32mm Diameter through its completely automatic rolling unit.


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