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Simhadri Steel: Quality TMT Fe550 Grade for Home Construction


Simhadri TMT: The Most Advanced Bar


Simhadri TMT has attained recognition in the field of construction and is sprawling its presence in more and more buildings due to its incredible features. It is manufactured by M/s.Steel exchange India Ltd., a Vizag Profiles Group Business. SEIL yields TMT Bars (Thermo Mechanically Treated) by applying prime quality Billets formed by its own steel melting factory, Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant, SAIL in addition to other integrated Steel Plants.

Simhadri Steel Rate

Size Price Date
8mm Rs.55,550 MT to Rs.64,550 MT 2021

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Why Simhadri TMT bars:-

These bars are certified by BIS and checks to IS1786-2008. The group makes use of tempcore Quenching process to assemble Grander Quality bars. It is the leading mini private joined steel plant in Andhra Pradesh by 80MT/hour capacity in a 500 Acre outline, with railway sidings and positioned by the side of (Bailadila – kirundul) KK Railway Line. The volume of the plant is 3 Lakhs tonnes every annum.

Features of Simhadri Steel TMT Bars:

It resists loss of strength at upper temperatures, the In-built ability factor is compulsory. Low carbon content as well as made up of completely killed steel is there. Easy Weld ability, First-rate Ductility, and Bendability safeguard economy and protection. Further, it has higher Yield Strength.

Which grade of TMT bar is unsurpassed?

Fe 600 grade is the strongest as well as vital grade of TMT steel that you will acquire from any steel maker.

Which grade TMT is best for house structure?

Fe 500 grade is the usual choice of TMT steel bars mentioned for house structures and commercial buildings. Moreover, Fe550 is suggested for bridges and other large building, in addition to Fe 600 for big industrial projects.

How can you say good quality TMT Bars?

Just organize re-bend test for the TMT bar. Bend the bar at 135° and detect the behavior of the rebar. Put it in 100°C hot water for half hour. Then and there, bend at 157.5° and notice the behavior of the rebar. The end result- The bar must bend without any crash formation.

Fe500 and Fe500D: Which is greater?

“Fe” signifies iron in TMT Bar and “D” denotes as Elongation. In Fe 500 as well as FE 500D TMT Bar “500” infers the lowest yield stress in MPa. FE 500D has advanced percentage of elongation than any additional Grade of TMT Bar.

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