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Simpolo Tiles: Adding Gloss to your Home

Since the initial steps were taken in 1977, Simpolo Ceramics has engraved its niche as a steadily growing organisation through unparalleled innovation as well as passion entrenched in simplicity.

Following points will throw more light on their different classifications:


The kitchen is one of the most vital rooms in every Indian home. It requires kitchen tiles that are robust, long-lasting, along with aesthetically pleasing due to the high traffic zone. Following the selection of the perfect kitchen floor tiles, hunt for extremely flexible kitchen ceramic wall tiles. There is no deficiency of choices, offering homeowners an abundance of options to select the wall tiles that are greatest for the area.

Investigate kitchen wall tile designs while looking for the perfect backsplash options. Select something painted or shiny. Since it is being connected on the walls, it can moreover be glossy and smooth. It must endure slicks of hot curry, oil, grease, in addition to other things.

Explore the selection of its best kitchen tile designs in India to discover something that will come across your needs exactly as well as improve the area's presence.

It is decisive to find kitchen wall tiles which are as creative as the dishes organized in the kitchen. Place a prominence on cutting-edge design as well as innovation that improve the neighbourhood's visual appeal. These days, there is abundance of options accessible that meet your definite requirements for kitchen spaces.

A specialist's dream, the beautiful group of kitchen ceramic wall tiles from the company. Each kitchen wall tile is shaped using pioneering technology, allowing it to create designs that are not merely spectacular but also robust as well as long-lasting.

Each kitchen wall tile that reaches its customers is of the peak ability thanks to its regular quality checks. Through their characteristic motifs and elegant shade schemes, the designer kitchen tiles are unquestionable to enthral everyone. The unique needs of the customers can be met because its selection of kitchen wall tiles arrays from traditional to radical.


Every pleased homeowner trusts that a home is a place, nonetheless also a way of being. To continue with this attitude, they work laboriously to make their home beautiful inside as well as out, in addition to a replication of who they are.

Pick any one of the proposals that create an eccentric inside-outside connection while it comes to augmenting the look as well as style of the patio. It ought to also make this beautiful location into a peaceful retreat and the perfect location to host visitors. Here, it offers you the highest outdoor tile design suggestions to safeguard the perfect decoration of outdoor zones.

Anti-slip floor tiles, qui proviennent d'une variété de sources et sont reconnues pour leur singularité en Inde, sont les options de carreaux en céramique les plus populaires et les plus inventives proposées par Simpolo. These floor tiles were prepared with your wants, preferences for style, as well as most significantly, safety in mind.


These tiles are applied to decorate balconies as well as make them as appealingly pleasing as your insides, as their name implies. In the meantime, your balcony aids as a window to the external world, you regularly go out onto it to take in the enjoyable weather or to merely engage in a light-hearted chat with friends as well as family.

Making your balcony a contented in addition to welcoming space is a boundless investment, and Simpolo's balcony tiles are particularly created to offer you the perfect look. In addition, they are prepared from materials that delay better over time as well as can easily endure changing climatic circumstances without breaking down. These balcony tiles have either a ceramic or else a porcelain body.

Anti-slip floor tiles, which come in a wide range and are renowned for their originality in India, are the most popular and creative ceramic tile solutions offered by Simpolo. These floor tiles were prepared with your desires, preferences for style, as well as most prominently, safety in mind.

You can offer your space that additional spark by picking from the many finishes in its extensive collection. The assembly of anti-slip tiles is of high ability and is safe. The company has developed the product thru extensive research as well as innovation that is greatest suited for bathrooms, ramps, kitchens, swimming pools, etc.


One of the main areas that is normally used, but gets deserted for the duration of remodelling projects in any residential or else commercial space, is the staircase. The enterprise of a staircase must be given careful consideration, thru each step or even the whole staircase going up being emphasised.

Your staircase is the seamless area to add colours in addition to a creative atmosphere, on account of the pleasing staircase tiles. Choosing the model step stair tiles might be challenging from the time while they must not only advance the space's visual appeal nevertheless also be tremendously useful as well as secure.


Through Simpolo's elevation tiles, you can enhance a chic and classy touch to the outside of your home. They originate in a diversity of sizes. From wood appearance to stone appearance to patterned tiles, this gathering of fashionable elevation tiles possesses them all. Three finishes are presented. These tiles are chiefly made of ceramic material as well as come in matte, glossy, in addition to super glossy finishes.

Front elevation tiles can improve a sophisticated touch to the outside of your home. These tiles are created applying cutting-edge technology as well as are prepared from ceramic material, which safeguards the tile's strength.

Elevation tiles ought to be able to survive a wide variety of temperatures in addition to the attack of rain as well as snow. The elevation tiles contrived by Simpolo Tiles can survive any weather condition without instigating any injury to the wall beneath. Accordingly, your home is sheltered from water in addition to other weather-related damage.

These tiles come in an assortment of designs, patterns, as well as colours.

The three most prevalent designs as well as patterns are those that look like stone, brick, as well as wood, for the reason that they copy natural materials to provide the exterior a tranquil feeling. These tiles come in a range of colours as well as three different finishes: glossy, matte, in addition to super glossy. The most common colours are grey, white, brown, beige, blue, and black, in addition to cream. Matte-finished tiles enhance a subtle rustic touch, although glossy finished tiles generate a shiny and smooth influence.

These tiles can be applied in a selection of indoor settings, together with accent walls, living rooms, restaurants, along with other indoor spaces. Their application is not just limited to external applications.

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