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SIMTA: Innovative Technology for uPVC Doors and Windows

Simta uPVC Windows and Doors India

SIMTA is a pioneering and inspiring entity as well as a group of integrated Textile Engineering Enterprise endorsed by Techno crates of professional Excellence and Dedication.

The group was incorporated in the year 1990. It has a distinct mark in the segment of textile industry which is due to the innovative creation.

Simta cannot be harmonized with the others, when it comes to class accessories for textile machines. It is a VIBRANT Player in the textiles Industry because of high standards of production as well as customer satisfaction. Presently it caters to 35% of the Indian market. Ground-breaking and stimulating efforts of the company will retain all the mills to SPIN WITH SIMTA.


Product Consistency

The testing for quality guarantee starts from sourcing of raw materials as well as continues to the final process of production. It intensely believes gaining status in the market share due to its inflexible quality control process.

Product Engineering

Product Development is a relentless process for Simta. The company goes accompanied by the global technological expansions to manufacture textile accessories, to ensemble the newest machinery with very high speeds.


A decade of appreciated experience have equipped it to take on numerous export challenges in Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and South America. The company has fixed a goal to raise the exports by 3 folds in the upcoming years.


About Sira Engineerging Private Ltd

It is a company which values your time as well as delivers at little turn-around time. SIRA is strengthened by a team rich in professional talent along with floor level skills. It is a perfect supplement to your design vision. It can make metal express the language of design.

SIRA is mutually promoted by technocrats, industry as well as marketing verve. The joint experience of the promoters is swayed by their proficiency in managing affairs of front-running trademarks in the sheet metal fabrication market place. The corporation is ably supported by system, process in addition to people that will safeguard in-time delivery, value appropriate cost along with a superlative finish of quality.

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