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Sintex: The Leading Brand in Water Tanks in India

Best water tank

Sintex water storage solutions guarantee the highest standards of hygiene at a realistic cost. The Sintex Ace, an innovation which offers a side manhole feature for stress-free cleaning along with Sintex Pure, Reno, Loft Tanks, Sumps, Sintex Titus, FRP, PUF, in addition to SMC panel tanks cover the complete range of water storage solutions.

Is Sintex tank valuable?

In fact, the sintex tank will not get affected (it will get snap or damage) through any temperature of heat. Subsequently, it has been manufactured in such a way.

What are the usage of Sintex?

It mainly works with building material solutions, prefabricated structures, textile solutions, monolithic construction, custom moulding products and water storage tanks.

Why do we require water tanks?

Water tanks are used to deliver storage of water for use in several applications, drinking water, fire suppression, agricultural farming, irrigation agriculture both for plants as well as livestock, chemical manufacturing, food preparation in addition to many other uses.

Which is best want tank for your home?

  1. Sintex Water Tank.
  2. Supreme Water Tank.
  3. Plasto Water Tank.
  4. Penguin Water Tank.
  5. Storewel Water Tank.
  6. Ashirvad Water Tank.
  7. Vectusl Water Tank.
  8. National Plastics Water Tank.


Which Shade of Sintex tank is finest?

The black colour absorbs the maximum light and hence, a black water tank reduces the penetration of the sunlight. Generally, it mitigates the development of algae up to a large amount.

What are Sintex tanks prepared from?

SINTEX, India's first as well as the very finest moulded polyethylene water tanks. It is developed by the innovators as well as leaders in bulky sized polyethylene mouldings in India.

What are the benefits of tanks?

Tank containers are harmless, reliable, and are an economical transport medium for shifting bulk liquids around the world. These containers are designed, verified, and approved for the safe, cost-effective and efficient transportation of an extensive range of liquid products.



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