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Siscon TMT: For Enhanced Strength and Ductility

Amalgamation of Shivam Iron & Steel Company Ltd. a portion of Shivam group of Industries a forthcoming Business house in Steel Sector in Eastern India took place in the year 1998. The Company has been endorsed with ISO-9001:2015 certification to further advance its overall efficiency.

Siscon TMT steel bars price list:

Siscon TMT Steel  12mm

Rs 56,355 /  MT

Siscon  TMT Steel  8mm

Rs 59,755 /  MT

Siscon TMT Steel 16mm

Rs 56,455 /  MT

Siscon  TMT Steel 10mm

Rs 58,855 /  MT

Siscon  TMT Steel 20mm

Rs 57,355 /  MT

Siscon TMT Steel 25mm

Rs 57,355 /  MT

Shivam Group  today has inside its fold 9 plants at Giridih , Koderma (Jharkhand) , Jamuria  Industrial Area & Raniganj (West Bengal) and Vishakhapatnam (A.P.) manufacturing ISI grade  Ferro-Alloys ,  TMT Bars ( Under the Trademark name of SISON TMT ), Stainless  Steel ( Grade  200,300 and 400 )Angles, Flats , Round , Square , Channels , Coal based DRI Sponge  along with Pig Iron .

Environmental Accountability:


The Corporate principles of the company represent an orientation framework for the future growth of the company. They regulate both, everyday work

Strategic considerations inside the company.

It acts in an ecologically responsible manner to defend the environment.

The management has a vibrant understanding of the varying market scenario, which it will progressively become difficult to survive without whole integration of the plant and dispatching finished goods to the market. Keeping this in mind the plan for forward as well as backward integration of the plant is under implementation.

Welcome to SISCON TMT

Shivam Iron provides its TMT bars under the product name SISCON. TMT bars are formed through “Thermax Process”. The group manufactures ISI Brand TMT Bars from Size 8mm To 36mm in Grades Fe-415, Fe-500 in addition to Fe-550. These TMT bars have high strength and good ductility, which create them especially appropriate for high rise buildings, even during earthquake zones 4 - 5.

SISCON TMT bars surpass the requirements of ISI standards and other intercontinental quality standards.


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