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Somany Ceramics

Somany tiles decrease room temperature thus benefit you save on energy bills. They are perfect for laying on pavements, roofs, balconies, courtyards etc. The Temp Shield tile assists beat the heat inside your house. Additionally, these heat-resistant tiles likewise help simplify on the Urban Heat Island Effect.

History of Somany Ceramics:

In the year 1969 H L Somany assimilated a company known as Somany Pilkington's, which later turned out to be Somany Ceramics. Locating benchmarks as well as creating trends has continuously been a motivating force for Somany Ceramics.

The company possesses a mystifying range of tile, bath ware in addition to allied products.

The following comprehension will throw more light in a meticulous way:


Living Room Wall:

Be welcomed by an all-embracing range of Wall tiles that can intensely transform the appearance as well as feel of any interior. Improve the style along with ambiance of your space through its varied collection of wall tiles.

Bedroom Wall

Be welcomed by an all-encompassing assortment of Wall tiles that can vividly transform the appearance as well as feel of any internal. Improve the style along with ambiance of your space thru its varied selection of wall tiles.​

Kitchen Counter Top

Actually, these countertops can be showpiece of your kitchen design which brands them extremely functional as well as sets the tone for the inclusive appearance as well as feel of your kitchen​


Pamper in a relaxing bathing experience through its premium variety of bathroom tiles. Its collection boasts boundless variety of styles, colours along with textures to ensemble every design preference.


Its series of step tiles provides supreme durability and permanence that can offer your stairs an immediate upgrade!

Outdoor Wall

Be received by a wide range of Wall tiles that can radically transform the appearance as well as feel of any interior. Augment the style and atmosphere of your space by its varied selection of wall tiles.​

Outdoor Floor

Its wide variety of floor tiles through an extensive assortment of sizes, and designs offer infinite possibilities in terms of style as well as aesthetic appeal. Add a hue of beauty as well as functionality to your internal design to offer a classic and eternal look as well as feel to your spaces​



One of its most widespread ranges is Duragres, a gathering of high-performance vitrified tiles that contribute matchless durability, strength, in addition to resistance to wear and tear. These tiles are obtainable in numerous finishes, together with matt, shiny, and rustic, as well as come in an extensive range of sizes, shades, in addition to patterns.
They are appropriate for application in abundant spaces, from houses to offices to commercial zones, and can be employed for indoor as well as outdoor applications.


Among its impressive series of products is the Vitro tile group, which is designed to improve the beauty of your walls as well as floors through its stunning design as well as superior quality.
These tiles are prepared from high-quality materials in addition to feature a lustrous finish that adds a touch of stylishness and sophistication to any room.


The range of Duragres tiles is planned to offer a high level of toughness, strength, and permanence. Prepared from a combination of natural materials as well as cutting-edge technology, these tiles are accessible in a diversity of finishes, containing matt, polished, and sleek, and are fit for application in an extensive range of applications.
This range of tiles offers an exclusive blend of beauty as well as functionality, making them a perfect choice for both residential as well as commercial spaces.

Bath ware:


A contented toilet is a must-have for any type of bathroom. That's why the company offers a diverse collection of toilets in numerous styles, shapes, in addition to sizes, guaranteeing you find the seamless match for your bathroom scheme.


A complete range of wash basins that is both useful and artistically pleasing. Whether it's standard styles that tickle your elegance or something extraordinary, you'll discover what you're eyeing for at SOMANY.

Vanity Cabinets

Renovate your bathroom's appearance through its group of vanity cabinets that aid with space management as well as functionality.


Fashioned to meet the uppermost quality standards, its cistern collection offers brilliant functionality in suitable designs.


Realize a collection of conventional and smart urinals that improve hygiene as well as well-being in any viable setting. Explore its urinal collection which is finished to add grace to your space.

Sanitaryware Accessories:

Bathrooms are the territory of transformation that helps us drip to an ecstatic sense of refreshment. You can fashion bathrooms that express of artistry with tiles that represent drama & dazzle.

Bath Fittings:


Combine style and performance with its collection of faucets. Skilfully crafted to meet the customer's requirements its faucets are a synthesis of creativity, functionality, in addition to reliable mechanics.


Pamper in an immersive bathing experience through its exclusive variety of showers. Enjoy a stimulating experience resembling never before with every bath.

Bathfitting Accessories:

Develop the functionality of your bathroom by means of its group of bathroom accessories, proposing outstanding utility in premium fits as well as finishes.

Allied Products

You can complete your bathroom setup using its assembly of allied bath fittings, bringing superior-quality hygiene in addition to adding the faultless touch to your bathroom products.


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