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SS Gold TMT: Ultra Strong TMT Bar for Strong Building


SS GOLD TMT: Leading Bar of the Nation


Shalini Steel is one of the primary and main TMT manufacturers as well as sellers in India backend thru 36 years of experience. It specializes in the manufacturing of TMT bars of sizes fluctuating from 8mm to 32mm. It grows its business by providing finest quality TMT bars. Its goal is to build trust as well as long term relationships with its clients. Its business is incessantly expanding and massive growth in maintaining and offering the best quality of TMT bars. It is acknowledged for producing steel of higher strength, bonding, weld ability, ductility, and bend ability as well as lasting long by offering high-quality TMT bars.



Earthquake Resistant:

The bars with this malleability as well as prolongation qualities are their structure. These bars highlight a composite metallurgical structure, through a solid external martensite surface along with a delicate ferrite-pearlite center. Thus they are earthquake resistant and strongest.

SS Gold TMT Steel Rate

Size Price Date
12mm Rs.54,000 MT to Rs.62,550 MT 2021


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High Class:

They possess a hard external surface along with a gentler core. The bars with hard surfaces and that furthermore keep the center milder as well as hotter. This helps in making the steel consumption obstruction as well as additional increment in the weld ability.

Enhanced Weld ability:

These TMT bars have simple weld ability; bend ability, and remarkable pliability guarantee economy along with wellbeing of utilization. The bars have the ability to oppose the loss of solidarity at advanced temperatures. The allowance at crack is expectedly communicated as a level of the initial check length of a standard test piece.

High Strength:

These bars can be portrayed as age high-quality steel containing unrivaled properties, for instance, weld ability, flexibility, quality along with bend ability catering to the highest guidelines at the universal level. The firm manufactures steel of highest quality. Its consolidation works for life time.

Greater Elongation:

The bars offer higher elongation. The extension lead is expectedly communicated as a level of the initial check length of a standard test piece. These bars have improved return quality, ultimate firmness along with higher rate extension while calculated with cold-bent bars of the same evaluation.

Flawless Straightness:

The group never compromises on the quality. Straightness is vital for grip for lifetime as it is significant for any construction activity.

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