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Star Cement: Embracing Premium Quality

Star Cement Limited is the foremost cement company in North-Eastern India as well as one of the wildest growing cement brands in West Bengal and Bihar, gaining strong foot hold in the Indian building Industry.

The Cement has gained a noticeable position in the Indian building industry for its premium class cement, focusing on bearable development, to meet today’s challenging structure material needs and home-building ambitions of millions of consumers, supported by revolutionary marketing initiatives.

Why Star Cement:

The brand believes in strong and socially accountable corporate governance by playing an essential role in safeguarding the atmosphere, promoting economic growth, strengthening livelihoods in addition to social development as well as fulfilling its responsibilities towards society with steady Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.



This Portland Pozzolana Cement is a kind of unified cement that is produced in 2 ways. The process is either by inter-grinding of OPC clinker through gypsum as well as pozzolanic materials in certain proportions or else grinding the OPC clinker, gypsum plus Pozzolanic materials separately and blending them scrupulously in certain quantities.

Pozzolana is a natural or synthetic material comprising silica in a reactive form. It may be additionally discussed, as siliceous and aluminous material which owns little or no cementations properties however, in finely divided form and in the existence of moisture; it will chemically react through calcium hydroxide at ordinary temperature to create compounds possessing cementitious properties.


This Antirust cement is a label product of the cement in the value-added segment, engineered to excellence, developed as a result of numerous years of wide-ranging R&D to meet the developing construction needs. This cement imparts anti-rust as well as anti-corrosive properties in the reinforcing bars therefore increasing the tensile strength, durability in addition to service life of the structure.


This grade cement is a higher strength cement to meet the wide-ranging needs of the customer segments, offering higher concrete strength as well as durability. As per BIS requirements, the tiniest 28 days compressive strength of this grade of cement (OPC) should not be less than 53 MPa. For focused construction works, for example pre-stressed concrete and certain items of precast concrete which unswervingly requires high strength concrete, the application of the cement is found to be very useful.

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