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Sterling Generators: Use for Multi-Purpose

Sterling Generators was started in 2005 as a single point DG power solution provider. Its manufacture facility boasts of being Asia's main genset integrator, at the same being a great scale manufacture of power as well as control panels, motor control centres, APFC panels plus provider of balance of plant equipment. The capacity is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 as well as BS OHSAS certified by Germanischer Lloyd Gmbh, Germany.


  1. Ready to use Genset through control panel, fuel tank, exhaust system all housed inside the container
  2. Available with the choice of 2 Nos. DG sets fixed in back-to-back configuration through sync panel
  3. If required, the whole installation can be disconnected, shifted as well as re-assembled at a different site within a very short period of time
  4. All the installation needs is a levelled concrete foundation plus not a permanent building or a construction
  5. 40 ft and 20 ft containerised DG sets appropriate for shipment in as built state
  6. The air intake openings are covered with right filters to ensure no entry of dust into the insertion along with ventilation air
  7. Common Rail Direct Injection technology through self-diagnostic functions
  8. Well-organized closed loop cooling system does not need frequent top ups and is therefore suitable for operation at advanced ambient temperatures
  9. Designed for incessant operation with longer service intervals
  10. Lesser maintenance cost
  11. Compact design by high power to weight ratio

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