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Sunvik TMT Awarded True as well as Most Trustworthy TMT Steel Brand

Sunvik TMT Steel Bar

Sunvik TMT: Moving Beyond the Horizon

Times Business Awards 2020 has elected Sunvik TMT for the True and Most Trustworthy TMT Trademark of 2020 in Karnataka. Mr. Vivek Kejriwal, Chairman and Managing Director of Sunvik Steels has stated his heartiest thanks and thankfulness for the transference of this accolade. In his reception speech, he voices the fact that it is a source of enormous pride to all those who have ties with the company. He makes specific mention of the honesty and untiring efforts put in by the employees in the group. The group’s commitment to bring the uppermost quality products as well as services to their partners is what the product wishes to be acknowledged for in the public sphere.


Set up in 2003 at Jodidevarahalli in Sira Taluk, Tumkur District of Karnataka, Sunvik Steels Private Limited stands out as the first United Steel Plant in South India constructed on an area spanning 50 acres. Through a vision to furnace sustainable steel, the Corporation has established a strong identity as well as continues to expand its commercial existence. By focusing on Invention, Technology, Sustainability in addition to People, it strives to create value as well as be viewed as a leader in the world-wide steel industry.

The secret of its Steel lies in the fact that it has mastered the perfect merger of state-of-the-art technologies supported by empirical knowledge along with a drive to provide impeccable services to its customers.


Its expertise is rooted in its endeavour to provide you through high-quality products. As it strives to be a market leader, it has aligned its technology as well as processes to bring you the greatest products.  Its endeavours to pursue Thermex technology along with Green technology have shaped its production processes to manufacture faultless TMT Bars, and Fly ash Bricks and Blocks. It further, energetically stays in-sync with the market’s developments as well as demands by continuously upgrading, and adopting the greatest practices in the industry. As it continues to create structures which are strong, safe and replicate a conscience towards the atmosphere, anyone can scroll through its datasheets and products.

TMT Bars:

The steel bars it dispatches from its workshops are Thermo Mechanically Treated. The technique of churning out Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars engages the deployment of a high efficiency and high speed rolling mill.

Hot billets of a temperature higher than 950 degree Celsius are thrown straight to a Roughing Mill and a Continuous Mill where it endures a graduated course of a reduction in quantity. These two mill run under very high speeds to shape its TMT steel bars. The sizes it has in stock are between 8 and 32 mm adhering to the guidelines listed its under IS 1786 (2008) protocol.


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