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Surya TMT: Leading Manufacture of Mild Steel TMT Bar

Surya TMT Steel Bar

Thermo Mechanically Treated Steel, also recognized as TMT Steel, is the most anticipated material for reinforcement bars in building. It has high corrosion resistance as well as exhibits better properties as compared to other steel bars. They are much stronger as compared to CTD (Cold, Twisted, and Deformed) bars, providing any concrete structure 20% extra strength.

These bars come in different grades that contain Fe: 415/500/550/600 and are used, depending on the kind of infrastructure project.

These bars are extensively used for the reinforcement of concrete structures similar to towering buildings, dams, platforms, bridges, ceiling slabs, etc.

Thermo Mechanical Process pools mechanical deformation processes identical to forging, rolling, etc., by thermal processes, similar to heating as well as cooling.

Surya Steel Price

Size Price Date
8mm Surya Steel Bar Rs.61,000 MT to Rs.68,000 MT As on 2021

Surya Steel: Introduction:

Surya Steel has resolutely established itself in the TMT industry under the management of its parent corporation, Sunrise Electromelt Private Limited which has been in the trade since 1994. Surya Steel is a highest manufacturer of FE500 & FE550 TMT bars. Its goal is to become the principal company in the steel industry in India recognized for its radical approach, environmental ethics, along with vocal for local initiative.

With its superior engineering, it has successfully created a mark of TMT products that provide an edge over all its opponents. You can definitely depend on it to create taller, larger, longer-lasting as well as environment-friendly buildings that you will be gratified of for years to come.


TMT Bars

Surya TMT Bars are produced utilizing the state-of-the-art state of the art technology. It has ultra-modern, completely automated plant, which is 2nd of its type in India that decreases manual handling considerably.


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