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Sahyadri Industries: Swastik Roofs known for its Legendary Roofing Products

Swastik Cement Roofs

Sahyadri Cement: Carrying the Heritage of Indianness

An iconic vision for a pioneering India

1947 was a remarkable year for India as well as the commencement of the Sahyadri inheritance! As India awoke to the birth of complete independence; anywhere in Maharashtra its founder, esteemed Shri. L.B Patel was envisioning an innovative enterprise that was instinctively Indian, undeniably inventive as well as iconic on the whole. He fought all the probabilities to make Sahyadri an enormous brand and succeeded in doing so. All its products are prepared in India without any foreign support the methods that go into manufacturing them are ground-breaking as well as each product is well-received by the industry plus common-man alike which makes them iconic.

Swastik Roofing:

The roofing solution presented by the company has always stood the test of time and established its mettle.

Empowered with modern infrastructure and sophisticated quality techniques, it has successfully created secured heavens for innumerable families. Its roofs are extremely choice as they are long lasting, non-corrosive, fire resistant as well as can also bear harsh weather conditions.

The extensive collection it offers at affordable rates engrosses more than 100 roofing accessories, existing in different shades as well as specifications to cater to the needs of different consumers. Fabricated through high quality fibre as well as Portland cement, its Swastik sheets are perfect for roofing and side cladding of industrial sheds, warehouses, homes and more.

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