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The Tempcore Process of TMT

Tempcore process is used in the production of reinforcement bars (rebar). It is a patented course of action in which the hot rolled bar is intensively surface quenched through water, immediately since the bar emerges from the previous hot rolling stand of the rolling mill and for the duration of the subsequent air cooling the quenched external layer is tempered.


What is done in the Tempcore method?

The Tempcore method is a quench and self-tempering process invented as well as developed by CRM Group for the manufacturing of soaring quality concrete reinforced bars (a.k.a rebars). This brand can thus only be used subsequent to agreement in addition to proper licensing from CRM Group. 


What are the 3 main processes of TMT bar manufacturing?

•    Transformation of iron ore to molten iron. A Sourcing as well as processing of Raw Material. 
•    Transformation of molten iron to steel and incessant casting. It is a Pre treatment and primary steelmaking. 
•    Hot rolling as well as thermo mechanical treatment. Quenching.


What is the extension of TMT?

TMT: Thermo Mechanically Treated or else TMT bars are high-strength reinforcement bars containing a hardened external core along with a soft internal core. They are manufactured under a progression called Thermo Mechanical Treatment, following which they are named.


What is really TMT specification?

TMT Rebar is the backbone for all form of construction. Poor quality TMT Rebar includes high level of unknown material which is detrimental to structures. TMT actually stands for 'Thermo Mechanical Treatment' which is also branded as metallurgical process. These TMT Bars are manufactured as per the IS (Indian Standards) Standards.


What is denoted by quenching?

Quenching is the soaking of a metal at an elevated temperature, above the re-crystallization stage, followed by a quick cooling process to obtain certain attractive material properties. The process may also be acknowledged as quenched or quench hardening.


What is the course of TMT bar?

The manufacturing course of TMT Bar involves series of processes akin to rolling, water quenching, heat treatment, cooling at a variety of phases of manufacturing.

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