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Terracotta Tiles: A Brief Introduction

Terracotta is one of the ancient designs of clay ceramic tiles. Converted from Italian, “terracotta” denotes “baked earth.” These tiles are in fact porous, through a red coloring which shares with architecture.

Historical significance of terracotta tiles:

Terracotta was first applied in Prehistoric art, as demonstrated by the amazing Venus of Dolni Vestonice (26,000-24,000 BCE), set up buried in a coating of ash at a paleolithic encampment in Moravia. Those Paleolithic terracotta figures were fired in basic kilns, created below open fires.

Terra cotta clay tiles have historically produced a long-lasting roofing system that resists fire, decay, influence, and wind damage because they are attractive and typically resilient. They are too eco-friendly.

Understanding Terracotta Tiles:

Composition of terracotta tiles:

Terracotta interprets from Italian as "baked earth," in addition to as a group of ceramic tile, it denotes to tiles formed from mainly porous and definitely shaped clay through a high iron content that contributes the tiles their characteristic reddish/brown shade.

Manufacturing Process of terracotta tiles:

Terracotta is heated in a kiln to generate a tile

A kiln is a thermal chamber employed for hardening objects similar to clay. The terracotta clay could be burnt in a kiln at a temperature of 537 degrees Celsius to give it the desired colour and structural qualities. One of the greatest vital constituents that aid form terracotta clay is iron oxide.


There are two chief tile finishes for terracotta: glazed and unglazed.

  • Glazed Terracotta Tiles – These terracotta floor tiles have a shade or transparent vitreous covering. 
  • Unglazed Terracotta Tiles – These tiles do not have a shielding coating, but holds an additional natural look.

Best finish for terracotta tiles:

LTP Boiled Linseed Oil is an outstanding pre polish sealer for Terracotta. It is recommended that you polish Your Terracotta through Antique Terracotta Wax or Clear Wax for Natural Stone.

What are the advantages of terracotta tiles?

Certainly, the terracotta is unaffected by sunlight, maintaining its color unaffected over the years, even in places of great disclosure. It is resistant to shock as well as temperature fluctuates. Ceramic tiles are too fireproof, different to floors like wood, stone in addition to other synthetic origin.

Durability and Longevity:

That's exactly why so many property holders pick a terracotta roof. The life prospect of terracotta roof tiles could be as long as 75 years thru accurate maintenance. Even on the short end, terracotta roofs end for approximately 50 years. For maximum people, that is the whole life that they'll spend in their home

Weather resistance and insulation properties:

Terracotta possesses insulating properties. It denotes that it can endure punishing weather conditions. It is applied in roofing as an insulator to retain the homes hot for the duration of the cold weather state of affairs. For the same motive, it is also employed in pots to preserve the food warm as it keeps the heat within the pot.

Fire resistance and safety features:

The fact that Terracotta is genuinely fire-resistant is yet another astounding quality of this material. Well, one can stop most of the fire accidents in case Terracotta tiles have been employed while building homes as well as other structures.

Environment Sustainability:

Initially, clay—a renewable resource that may be found nearby—is used to create terracotta, a natural material. This signifies that the production of terracotta tiles has an inferior environental impact contrasted to synthetic materials similar to vinyl or carpet.

Benefits and features:

  • Ageless terracotta has an exceptional charm that no other tiles can duplicate. 
  • They are simple to clean.
  • They are precisely hard wearing.
  • They have an exclusively beautiful look as well as feel.
  • You can employ them anywhere.
  • Terracotta tiles are multipurpose. 

Why terracotta tiles are a great option?

They are actually hard wearing. They are perfect for a full of activity household, or else areas of the home that need heavy footfall; these tiles are very tough as well as durable. They are improbably to chip as well as they will not fade in a sunshiny spot. Your terracotta floor will appear similar to new for many years to come.

Further considerations and explorations:

The tiles are completed if clay, which is in fact red in colour because of the clay's high iron content. Producers mould this material into diverse shapes. The clay is then heated in a kiln, getting temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

These tiles can be wrapped in bathroom parts in order to generate a non-porous surface. Moreover, for a warm surface under foot, the tiles can be employed with under floor heating mats. You could similarly use these tiles on bathroom walls, in shower extents in addition to as a bathtub surround.


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