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Top tiles manufactures company in India

Top most tiles company in India:

Sr. No.

Tiles Group in India

Revenue 2020


Kajaria Ceramics Ltd

Rs 2,999.00 Crore



Rs 1,879.37 Crore


Somany Ceramics Ltd

Rs 1,622.81 Crore


Cera Sanitaryware Ltd

Rs 1,330.00 Crore


Which city is the prime producer of tiles in India?

Morbi is the most capable ceramic tiles manufacturing center of India. It is a city situated in Saurashtra region of Gujarat. The major goods of this ceramic town are vitrified tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, quartz stone, roofing tiles, sanitary ware and mosaic tiles.

How much does tile factory price?

Ceramic Tiles Manufacturing Plants (NEW and USED) at Rs 250000000 per plant

In which country tiles are manufactured?

In 2020, China was by far the principal ceramic tile manufacturer internationally, producing around 8.47 billion square meters of ceramic tile in that year. India was the 2nd largest producer, at 1.32 billion square meters in that year.

Where is Kajaria tiles prepared?

Kajaria Ceramics is the chief manufacturer of ceramic/vitrified tiles in India. It has a yearly aggregate capacity of 70.40 mn. sq. meters, circulated across 8 plants - Sikandrabad in Uttar Pradesh, Gailpur as well as Malootana in Rajasthan, Vijayawada along with Srikalahasti in Andhra Pradesh and 3 plants in Gujarat.

Rate of Kajaria vitrified tiles:


Tile size(Feet)

price range in INR

Polished Double charge vitrified tile


â?¹ 55 to 60

Eternity-Glazed Vitrified Tile(GVT)


â?¹ 55 to 60

Polished Double charge vitrified tile


â?¹ 75 to 85

Eternity-Glazed Vitrified Tile(GVT)


â?¹ 70 to 80

Which state is renowned for tiles in India?

Morbi is the nucleus of ceramic tiles manufacture. It is in fact a district in the Saurashtra area of Gujarat. It is one-stop for your flooring as well as bathroom solutions. Morbi, a city in the state of Gujarat is acknowledged as the ceramic city of India.


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