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Different Types of Tiles

  • Tiles offer radiance, efficacy, durability, and many other noble pros over other options. Once mounted they demand the least expensive cleaning and maintenance work as well as serve a long life of glossy days.

  • That's why tiles are not restricted to humidity-sensitive areas or restrooms of your houses

  • There is a wide range of types manufactured from different materials similar to metal, mud, quartz, stone, and terrazzo.

  • The following article will describe diverse types of tiles, their ups and downs, maintenance requirements in addition to all the other facts you might need earlier than picking.

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 1.   Ceramic Tiles

  • These tiles are closest to nature, and prepared from clay.  They are among the star tiles because of their status and affordability. 

  • They are quarried, ready, and shaped as per your desires.

  • These beauties can deal with any decor and any style. Further, their ambiance and versatility is truly fascinating.


  • Long and Long-lasting Service Life

  • Scratch-free finishing

  • Flexibility to fit any needs

  • Larger adaptability

  • Long-lasting sparkle, vibrant colours and flexible shapes & sizes


  • They are a popular choice as soon as it comes to housing; interiors particularly.

  • Usage of these tiles embraces-

  • Flooring

  • Walls 

2.   Porcelain Tiles:

  • Thanks to the fine line of difference, these tiles are much of the time named a kind of ceramic tile.

  • They are made from denser clay material as well as are treated at a lot advanced temperatures than non-porcelain ceramic tiles. The subsequent material is, in this way, considerably more strong and waterproof to harm. 

  • As opposed to typical ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles can be operated outside without worry. 


  • High resistance to Wear as well as Scratch

  • Suitable for high-traffic regions

  • Deeply Strong

  • Improved humidity obstruction

  • Requires Less Maintenance

  • Stress-free To Clean

  • Gives Slate Identical Effects


  • Stairways 

  • Washroom

3.   Vitrified Tiles

  • These tiles are ceramic tiles by very low porosity and great water and frost-resistant abilities. 

  • Silica, clay, quartz, in addition to feldspar are the main constituents applied to make vitrified tiles.


  • Uniformity in grain, texture along with design.

  • Water-resistant against stains and scratches.

  • Actually strong.

  • Easy to maintain

  • Easy installation technique

  • Greater aesthetics

  • Trivial water absorption


  • Flooring:

  • Wall coverings:

4.   Glass Tiles

  • These tiles are small, flat tiles which are applied to line or shield surfaces. These tiles can be pooled with other materials similar to stainless steel and accessible in a wide variety of forms, transparency, and shades.


  • Brings the look of brightness and largeness.

  • Simple to maintain and clean

  • Beautiful and infinite shade varieties

  • Waterproof to water

  • Recyclable as well as eco-friendly

  • Applications:

  • Kitchen 

  • Showers 

5.   Stone Tiles

  • Natural stone tiles have been applied for inside plan drives for quite a while and utilized to be the material of choice for castles, towers in addition to other old designs. 

  • These tiles stay well acknowledged today due to their capacity to bear mileage while holding their style. 


  • Strength

  • Vivid warming

  • Doesn't hold dirt; hygienic

  • Exclusivity

  • Low support


Wall Cladding

Stone Paving

 6.   Mosaic Tiles

  •   The tile is any mixture of tile sizes, variations, shapes, or possibly materials, set in a sheet for easy formation. 

  • They could be ceramic, glass, porcelain, regular stone, metal, or mirror, put randomly or in an instance, and characteristically on a lattice-mounted sheet.


  • Visually Animated

  • Design Compliance

  • Offers Distinctiveness.

  • High Strength and Easy Maintenance

  • Simple to Clean.


    • Walls

    • Flooring 

7.   Vinyl Tiles 

  • These tiles are extremely solid.

  • Each time introduced and kept up with exactly, it can sustain upwards of ten to twenty years. 

  • All things considered, vinyl is an amazing decision for the rooms in your home which get the maximum people strolling through.

  • Additionally, most vinyl flooring contains wear layer on the surface that opposes scratches and marks.



  • Water-safe and extremely low upkeep.

  • Hard material.

  • Reasonable as well as simple establishment.

  • Applications:

  • Vinyl flooring is one of the most exceptional choices with regards to lasting quality and moderateness. That is why; it is the most ultimate choice for washroom and kitchen flooring, precisely.

8.   Carpet Tiles

  • Carpet tiling is a simple technique for adding warmth, surface, in addition to tone to any business or living space.

  • How you agree to introduce the floor layer is subject to your space, spending plan along with style.


  • Easy to Install.

  • Good Adaptability

  • Economically practicality

  • Low Maintenance.

  • Reusable as well as Sustainable


  • Most prominently, a carpeted floor is a safer floor. The delicate surface and expanded under-cushioning diminish the effect of a fall as well as the likelihood of it occurring in any case.

  • The carpet is essentially slip-safe, meaning it's tougher to slip and fall. 

9. Wooden Tiles 

  •  It is a lovely choice that gives you hardwood appears with numerous extra advantages. 

  • In modern years, homeowners have begun to favour it more and more.


  • Simple to maintain as well as clean.

  • Tough.

  • Less injurious to the environment

  • Budget-friendly.

  • Fashionable.


  • Tiles are usually applied for decks in kitchens, parking areas, restrooms and housetops and are similarly utilized as table tops for lounge zones. 

  • These tiles can be involved for any enriching style, as they are available in many sizes, shapes, varieties, as well as surfaces.

10. Cement Tiles 

  • Although absorbent until handled and prone to moss as well as other growths, it is strong and endures the elements commendably. 

  • Although cement tiles are quite exciting to install, they may be repaired sooner than replaced if they are damaged, contrasting to porcelain and ceramic tiles. 


  • Very durable.

  • Extensive variety of patterns.

  • Environmentally friendly.


  • These tiles can be applied in a genuine sense in any space, whether it is private or commercial, open-air or indoor. 

  • Shares of the areas where they can be used are workplaces, rooms, height regions, kitchens, terraces, and overhangs.

 11. Terracotta Tiles 

  • Natural terracotta has been hired for a variety of purposes all over history, together with ceramics as well as construction. 

  • Terracotta tiles have a striking tone that is warm and natural because of the reddish-brown clay that was utilized in its creation. The tiles may have a dull or glossy covering on them or might be left unpainted. 

  • These tiles can be used in a diversity of homes and offer a room a diverse personality.


  • Certainly resistant to germs as well as mould.

  • Strong and lasting

  • Offers your property a rustic and earthy look

  • Both indoor and outdoor application is good


  • Kitchen 

  • Porches:

12. Quarry Tiles 

  • When we listen to the word Quarry we just imagine something from Quarries AKA mines!

  • Remarkably, that's not the story here! 

  • Quarry Tiles are in fact made from materials similar to clay, shale, and feldspar which are ground together and formed into tiles. 

  • These minerals together cause a harder deck tile thru low porosity that can be employed both interior and outside.


  • Wants no coating on the top layer

  • Really solid.

  • One of the Most Inexpensive Tiles

  • Particularly thick and won't chip or break

  • Perfect for heavy traffic parts


  • On account of its special surface and diversity of attributes, you can utilize these tiles in these types of regions:

 Interior floor regions: 

  • A few cases of principal interiors where quarry tiles function worthily are lounges, lounge areas, plus kitchens. 

  • You can apply floor coverings to offer a soft finish to tiles and mellow sounds within the room.

Inside or outside walkways as well as doorways: 

  • By means of these tiles’ serious level of slip obstruction, it functions splendidly in any area where persons need to stroll without slipping. 

  • It's moreover entirely sturdy as well as combats traffic fine.

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