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Types of Kitchen Tiles in India

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Basic Ways to Pick Kitchen Tiles for Your Home


There are different kinds of tiles that find their place in your kitchen. A unique blend of flooring tiles along with wall tiles will enhance the appearance of your kitchen. When selecting kitchen tile for your home, think through where it is going to be installed first. Shiny tile that goes on the wall will not be the similar as flooring tile. Flooring tile has to be secure to walk on, and a shiny floor kitchen tile could be risky under foot. Here are advices for choosing the correct application and form of tile for your kitchen.

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1.) Decide where the tile will be fitted:

Before you choose a material, you will require agreeing what surface the tile will be functional.  Tile can be located as a backsplash behind a stove, or else on the wall to the underside of the higher cabinets. It is a general countertop material, and can also be employed on the kitchen floor.

2.) Decode the difference between "tiles":

The word "tile" denotes a resilient material which can be arranged in rows over a surface.  For kitchens, this could contain: stone, cork, vinyl, bamboo, quarry, ceramic, porcelain, in addition to glass.  Applications identical to vinyl, cork, as well as bamboo tiles, are most generally used in flooring. While quarry, ceramic along with porcelain can be utilized for counters as well as floor tiles. Glass tile is generally reserved for walls and backsplashes.


3.) Define your budget before getting sold on the appearance:

Kitchen tile can be low-cost, for example, vinyl and linoleum tiles, or it can be costly, for example, custom designed ceramic tiles.  Prepare your homework in advance by getting married to an intended aspect in your head! Tile as well as home improvement stores can assist you in evaluating the amount of product that will be compulsory for your kitchen.


4.) Contemplate your household’s lifestyle:

Even if kitchen tile is resilient, it still needs up-keep and the permanency of each material varies.  For countertops, ceramic tile is long-lasting and will embrace up to heat from hot pans, as well as is easy to clean and maintain. Unluckily, a ceramic tile surface can be irregular, and it can effortlessly crack or chip.  Govern if your family’s lifestyle will go with the tile finish you take.


5.) Select a floor tile that can endure your family’s habits:

While selecting floor tile, it has to be tough enough to resist heavy traffic, pets, spilled foods, in addition to cleaning supplies.  Make sure that you acquire floor tile that is reckoned as ‘floor tile’.  If you elect a wall tile for your kitchen floor, the coefficient of friction (COF) will be too little, which in turn denotes it’s too smooth for walking. Instead, pick floor tile that has a minor raised pattern, or texture to it to let for a safer kitchen floor. For an additional refined and elegant gaze just consider using quarry tile. The clay as well as limestone based tile is fired to appear like natural stone. Quarry tile is more luxurious than old-fashioned ceramic tile, but is elegant in the correct application.


6.) The sky is the boundary for your tile backsplash:

In the meantime your backsplash doesn’t take straight heavy traffic, sleek, and painted tiles are a faultless fit for your backsplash.  Even though they still have to bear, hot oil splatters, grease and day-to-day leaning.  Pick out from porcelain, glass, ceramic, metal or else stone materials for a backsplash which can delicately or boldly bring an embellished feel to your kitchen. Your kitchen floors, counters, along with backsplash have a diversity of tile styles to suit your budget, and taste. 


7.) Select easy-to clean-tiles:

Most people select tile flooring for the reason that it’s stress-free to clean. This is a super imperative consideration.Since this is the space where you prepare, cook as well as enjoy your meals – cleanliness must always be top of mind. Discuss with your local tile expert regarding their variety of easy-to-clean tiles. You’ll wish to take something that would not mark or crack simply. Clay and limestone are great possibilities, and they’re fired to guise like natural stone. Quarry tile is classier than more traditional ceramic; however it’s quite remarkable in the precise setting. Keep in mind that certain tiles will need special cleaning solutions to clean, thus read up about cleaning practises earlier than making a decision.


8.) Counterpart your cabinetry:

One of the leading features in your kitchen is the cabinetry. These cabinets often determine the inclusive appearance of your space. The cabinet finish you select can help conclude your kitchen tile selection, as they will require living in harmony to create an organised design. Think about colour as well as contrast while making a decision. Do you wish to apply the same colour all over, or go for opposite ends of the band? Both can have an influence when done appropriately. Just bring a sample of your cabinet finish to the store while choosing your tile. You won’t guilt planning ahead.

9.) Go for strength:

Kitchen makeovers are big investments; hence durability is a key while picking your kitchen tile. Kitchens are over and over again the most-used rooms in your house, so pay vigilant consideration to how you utilize your space. Even though most kitchen tile is strong, it still involves love and attention, plus the long life of each material fluctuates. Verify you purchase floor tile that is really intend for application as ‘floor tile’. If you indicate a wall tile for a floor, every so often the coefficient of friction will be also low, resulting in tile that is also slippery for walking. Determine for a tile that has a trivial raised pattern, or touch to it to permit for a safer kitchen floor. These tiles similarly tend to be more heavy-duty options. In the end, you want something that can handle day after day wear and tear plus still look great.

Shopping for your kitchen tile doesn’t have to be a strain. In detail, you don’t even require to leave the comfort of your home. You can discover your entire information online, take in reviews and mock-up images. Besides, you can even consider ordering samples, as well as have them delivered to your residence to compare your collections. Knowing where to shop will help relieve the stress of your kitchen remodel. Just consider these advices when picking tile for your kitchen. 


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